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Honor 7X VS Xiaomi Mi A1- Which Is Better And Why?

Huawei has launched its Honor 7x smartphone globally from London and the phone is also available in India at the same time as its global sale. The Honor 7x comes in two variants with internal memory options of 32 GB and 64 GB to choose from. The 32 GB variant is priced at Rs. 12,999 while the 64 GB variant is priced at Rs. 15,999. Honor 7x is a dual camera smartphone with premium design and advanced camera features. It also comes with 18:9 aspect ratio display. Xiaomi’s Mi A1 is also a dual camera smartphone launched at Rs. 14,999 a few months back. The Mi A1 seems to be a strong competitor in the price segment and hence we are comparing these two phones head-on in this post to find out which phone is better between Honor 7X VS Xiaomi Mi A1 and why?


LIKE- Magic Special Effect Video Editor App Review

Launched in August 2017, LIKE app has crossed over 20 million downloads in a short span of time and is growing strong. It has won many prestigious titles and awards including the Best Entertainment App category, Best Social App category and the most popular app category. This is a phenomenal growth and traction for any app. In this post, we bring you the review of the LIKE App and share our views on the same. Let us get started.

Honor 9i VS Moto G5s Plus- Which Is Better And Why?

Smartphones are increasingly becoming feature rich and the more affordable. Features that looked high-end or premium just last year, are now standard features in the mid-range phones. Dual-Camera, Edge-to-Edge large display, premium build are some such features which were only seen in high-end of flagship segment, but the hook is that they are now available in phones under Rs. 20,000 and in this post, we are comparing two such potent phones, the Honor 9i VS Moto G5s Plus. The Honor 9i costs Rs. 17,999 while Moto G5s Plus costs Rs. 15,999. Both the phones are under Rs. 20,000 price bracket and offer great features for the price. Let us find out, which one is better and why? Let us compare both feature-by-feature and see which has more merit to claim the higher position.

Honor 9i VS Moto G5s Plus- Which Is Better And Why?

Honor 9i VS Moto G5s Plus

Design & Build

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I recently experienced the Sony Bravia A1 OLED 65 Inch TV, the KD-65A1 model for around 3 weeks at my home and this review is based on my impressions of this product. To start with, this is clearly a product positioned for Elite buyers who have a purchase power to afford a TV which costs upwards of Rs. 4 lakhs. It is not a bad pricing considering the value you get for this money. I will talk about this in details in the verdict section. I have broken down this review into some basic sections so that it is easy to rate the experience in a very objective manner. Let us have a look at all these aspects on by one.

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Let me start by giving a brief introduction of “Billion” brand for our readers who might not be aware of it. Billion is an Indian brand started by Flipkart with a mission to make “#MadeForIndia” products. The products made by Billion are made in India and are made for India (a billion people), hence the name Billion. These products are sold exclusively on Flipkart and there is a variety of products sold under brand Billion. When we are writing this post, Billion already sells products including backpacks, Mixer Grinders, Cookware, Dry Iron and T-Shirts to name a few.

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If you are in the market to buy a coloured printer which has a low cost of running, the Ink Tank printers make a lot of sense. Especially if you print in high volumes, it helps save a lot of money on cartridges. We recently reviewed the Epson Ink Tank printer, the Epson L380 and in this post, we share our experience with the same, keep reading.

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