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LeEco Super3 X65 4K Smart TV Review

LeEco is well known in India for offering smartphones with best features at ultra affordable prices. LeEco Le 2 and Le 2 Max are company’s latest smartphones that have been launched in India. With both phones already helping it strengthen its hold in India, the company has made a huge jump to the next gadget category in the country. LeEco has made its foray into the television segment, which happens to be its main strength being an entertainment ecosystem company. LeEco has debuted its TVs in India with the launch of its Super3 4K Smart TV series that comprises of Super3 X55, Super3 X65 and Super3 Max65 TVs. But are these TV’s as good as LeEco smartphones? Let’s find out in this post. Read on to find out Super3 X65 review.


Ford Using Technology To Find Potential Solutions For Mobility Challenges

Ford has always been a pioneer in using technology to find potential solutions for challenges to mobility across the world. It won’t be wrong to say that Ford was the first automaker to seamlessly integrate our increasingly connected lives with our commute. In 2007, the company introduced SYNC- a safer, smarter way to connect your phone with your car. Introduced in India with the Ford EcoSport in 2013, SYNC enables users to connect and operate their phones through simple voice-commands– with their hands safely on the wheels and eyes on the road, always.


Honor launches it’s flagship smartphone Honor 7 along with Honor Z1 Band in India

Honor today introduced the flagship Honor 7 smartphone in India at an event in Delhi. The fully-metallic device, which is aimed at digital natives, is purpose-built for single-handed use and includes a host of innovate smart functions and multimedia capabilities operated through its dedicated smart button and gesture-enabled fingerprint reader.

The Honor 7’s fully metallic body is air-brushed with a ceramic coating, offering an unmistakably premium finish. The device’s 5.2-inch encasing and carefully positioned buttons and sensors allows for an ergonomic single-handed operation like never before.


Honor Brand- All You Need To Know

Honor is an independent internet smartphone brand under Huawei. Honor is committed to be a global leading digital brand for mobile generation. It is a brand for users who have grown up in the Internet era and take positive attitudes towards life and is hence a brand ‘for the brave’. All the Honor products enjoy global aesthetics, super processing technology and massive patent support.

Honor products were launched in October 2014 with in India and have received overwhelming response from the customers and recently celebrated its One year anniversary in the market. The success of Honor products like Honor 4X,  Honor 6 plus aside some other, has reinforced the company’s commitment. Honor’s differential lies in its quality, ability to innovate and each of the products are a result of extensive research and development. Honor is looking at putting concerted efforts towards understanding the best and exclusive marketing model for each of its focus markets, so that it could best cater to the customers in these markets.

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[Leaked] Honor 7 Launch At House Of 7 Senses Event In Delhi On 7th October

Honor, sub brand of Huawei, is all set to come up with their next flagship, Honor 7, on 7th of October 2015 for Indian market. Going by the history of Honor in India, they have brought some really impressive products at a great value for money proposition to Indian customers in past 1 year. This time, for the event to be held of 7th of Oct, the brand has already sent out the invites and has booked a huge venue for the event. They have a theme for the event which is “House Of 7 Senses

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Nike Air Zoom Elite 8 Review- Runner’s Delight

Before I start, I must put a disclaimer that I am not an athlete. But I am conscious about my fitness, especially after gaining some weight in past couple of years and being out of shape, I really want to get back in shape. I recently acquired two fitness products which I use on regular basis. One is a fitness tracker, which I will review separately in another post, and other is a pair of running shoes- Nike Air Zoom Elite 8, which I am going to review here. It has been over a month I have been using them, so it is a fairly well experienced review and not an impulsive first or second use review.

Nike Zoom Air Elite 8

#OnePlus2 Invites Giveaway: Follow And Win OnePlus 2 Invites On @iDigestIndia

We are back with another giveaway. We are giving away 15 invites to buy OnePlus 2 smartphones. Please note that we are not giving away the phones, but the invites with which you can order one for yourself. We will be announcing the winners on 5th of September 2015 and the contest is open till midnight of 4th September 2015 (IST). Follow the simple instructions below to participate and win an invite for yourself.

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