Buyer’s Guide: How To Choose The Right Selfie Stick

Selfie craze among smartphone owners doesn’t seem to be fading anytime soon. The easiest way to capture a selfie is by simply tapping on phone’s shutter button but what if it doesn’t capture everything that you want in the frame. Here is where selfie sticks come for rescue. Selfie sticks are easy to use, are more stable and capture wider angles.

If you are going to the market to buy a selfie stick and are confused among the sundry options available, then we are here to help you. In this post, we have listed few essential things which you should consider while buying a selfie stick. Read on to find out our buyer’s guide entailing tips on how to choose the right selfie stick.

How To Choose The Right Selfie Stick

What Is A Selfie Stick?

A selfie stick is a monopod which is used to take selfies. Selfie sticks are usually extendable metal sticks that go beyond the reach of the arm to capture selfies with wider angle. One end of the selfie stick features a rubberized clamp or bracket which holds the smartphone while the other end of the stick has to be held by the individual who has to take selfie. With their ease of capturing images with wider angle, selfie sticks are nowadays very much in demand.

How To Choose The Right Selfie Stick?

Here are some tips which would help you in choosing the right selfie stick:

1. Build Quality

There are sundry selfie sticks available in the market in every price range. It is better to stay away from the ones with cheap quality selfie sticks. You should instead look for the ones with good quality materials and durable build. The grip of a selfie stick is equally important. It should not slide or slip from your hand every now and then. As instead of taking selfies, it will leave you feeling frustrated.

The selfie stick should not be very light or very hefty. It should have some weight as it will help you hold the clamped phone with better grip. It will also help in avoiding blur and shakiness in the images.

2. Connectivity

There are two types of selfie sticks. One which connect with the phone via a cord which is to be inserted in the audio jack of the phone. Some others come with a Bluetooth remote control. The latter are wireless and function well using remote control. You can use voice commands or gestures to capture selfies with both these selfie sticks. Find out which one will be more suitable for you and pick the one with the same connectivity.

3. Mount/Clamp

The mount or clamp is another vital thing that you must check while buying a selfie stick. The clamp should be good enough to hold your camera and smartphone safely. The clamp should be capable of holding the image taking device properly and should’t just drop it. There are some selfie sticks available in the market which have smaller clamps and doesn’t fit large screen phones in them. So, it is recommended to check if it can hold your smartphone with safety or not.

4. Length

Selfie stick are portable devices. When folded, they can be kept inside your bag during travel. But what about the extended length. You can get selfie sticks with varying extended lengths. Search for a selfie stick with the length that you find suitable.


Selfie sticks should be comfortable to use. They should not create shakiness while capturing images. The grip of the stick should also be good. Although selfie sticks are compatible with most of the smartphones and cameras, yet it is advisable to check if it is compatible with your device or not.

We hope that this post helped you get a fair idea of what are the essential things which you should consider while buying a selfie stick. Did we miss anything? If you have any other tips, then let us know in the comments section below!

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