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10 Tips: How To Keep Your Smartphone Secure

We use our smartphones for numerous tasks such as browsing social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter etc, sending and receiving e-mails, capturing and sharing images, making audio and video calls, making online payments and so on. For accomplishing all these tasks we enter some crucial information on our devices like our e-mail id’s, passwords, credit card details etc. What if this crucial information is leaked or hacked? What if our phone is stolen and all the information is misused by someone. In order to protect the data on our devices, we need to take some security measures. In this post, we have listed few simple tips on how to keep your smartphone secure. Follow these precautions to protect your smartphone as well as the data you store in it.

How To Keep Your Smartphone Secure-1

Here’s How To Fix Your Water Damaged Smartphone

Not everyone of us owns a waterproof smartphone. Also, no one likes to spend huge amount of money to get their water damaged smartphones fixed. If you are one of those people who has accidentally dropped a smartphone in water, then we are here to help you. Read on to find out simple steps to fix your water damaged smartphone if it has dropped in water or drenched in the rain.

How To Fix Your Water Damaged Smartphone

Top 7 Smartphones With Full HD Display Under Rs. 10,000

Gone are the days when we had to spend a lot of money to buy a smartphone with premium features. With fierce competition in the market, smartphone makers are trying to offer every high-end feature in affordable smartphone segment as well. Nowadays, features of budget smartphones are not limited to basic ones. Right from fingerprint sensor to 3GB of RAM, you will get every feature you need in the smartphones in sub-Rs.10,000 price range. For those who are looking for a smartphone with full HD (1920×1080 pixels) display with budget capped at Rs. 10,000, we have listed 7 smartphones in this post which you can consider. Read on to find out top 7 smartphones with full HD display under Rs. 10,000.

Smartphones With Full HD Display Under Rs. 10,000

Here’s How To Safely Clean Your Smartphone Or Tablet

As soon as we get up in the morning, the first thing that most of us do is check notifications on our smartphones. Similarly, the last thing we do before retiring to bed is again browsing our smartphones. Needless to say, it is only our smartphone that accompanies us throughout the day. We carry our smartphones everywhere we go. But do we take enough care of our smartphones? Are you taking proper steps to keep your smartphone away from dust, dirt, bacteria and germs? Read on to find out simple steps to safely clean your smartphone or tablet.

How To Safely Clean Your Smartphone Or Tablet

PC Maintenance Tips: How To Keep Your PC Running Smoothly

Perhaps you own a PC or work on a PC in your office, but do you really care about its maintenance? Laptops and desktop PC’s are prone to perform poor, slow down and crash if they are not used in the right manner. If you are experiencing the same trouble with PC or if you do not want to face the trouble in future, follow the simple PC maintenance tips listed in this post. You don’t have to be an IT professional to protect your computer from crashes, loss of data and poor performance. All you will need to do is follow the guidelines listed in this post to keep your computer running smoothly and efficiently. Read on to find essential tips which will help your PC perform better and live for long without crashing.

PC maintenance Tips

8 Best Battery Life Smartphones Under Rs. 10,000

Most of us look for smartphones with large displays, decent screen resolution, good cameras and best features. What we often forget to check while buying a smartphone is its battery capacity. Smartphones that come with high resolution displays and offer numerous features, consume a lot of battery juice. Don’t you think that battery capacity should also be in the priority list while buying a smartphone especially when you use it a lot? If you are one of those who use their smartphones for long hours daily or those who travel a lot and don’t get time to charge their phones, we have listed 8 best battery life smartphones under Rs. 10,000. Best Battery Life Smartphones Under Rs. 10,000

Best Portable Speakers Under Rs. 10000

Coming up with the idea of buying a portable speaker is quite simple, but actually going to the market flooded with a number of speakers with varying features and prices can be a difficult task. For all the music buffs, looking for a portable speaker with outstanding audio quality, with their budget capped at Rs. 10,000, this is the right place where you have reached. In this post we bring to you a list of five best portable speakers under Rs. 10000 price range which you can buy in India. Scroll down to check out the price, specifications, features and other details of the best portable speakers which you can take with you everywhere for ultimate music experience.

Best Portable Speakers Under Rs. 10,000