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How To Delete Facebook Search History On Your PC Or Smartphone

Have you ever wondered what happens when you make a search on your Facebook account? Once you search for a friend, page or personality etc. on your Facebook account, Facebook saves those searches, and suggestions for the same old searches appear when you make a new search. On one hand it is beneficial for you since you can easily find what you were looking for later, but by doing so, Facebook keeps a record of all your searches in its database.  If you want to get rid of the search history on your Facebook account, follow the simple steps mentioned in this post. Scroll down to find out tutorial on how to delete Facebook search history on your PC or smartphone.

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Beware: Facebook Video Phishing Scam Targeting Users

Perhaps many of you might have recently come across Facebook posts from your friends with a video link along with their names or titles like- My Video, My First Video or Private Video. Some of you might also have received messages from your friends with some fishy video link accompanied with your name or same titles. If you have not clicked on any such link, then you better not do that in future as well as clicking on those links might get your PC into trouble. If you are eager to see what it actually is, then you must read this post before clicking on those video links.

Facebook Video Phishing Scam

Top 6 Facebook Tips & Tricks You Need To Know [With Video]

Perhaps we all are aware of basics of Facebook like making profile, posting statuses, making comments, posting images, chatting, adding or deleting friends and much more. But are we really familiar with the website? With Facebook getting updated every other day, it’s really difficult to keep up with it. Thus, in this post, we have mentioned 6 tricks which you didn’t know even existed. Read on to find out 6 interesting Facebook tips & tricks which you can not afford to miss! Let’s have a quick glance.

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How To Block People From Posting On Your Facebook Wall Without Unfriending Them

Facebook is a great platform to stay in touch with your friends. It enables people in your friend list to post comments, pictures and videos on your wall and vice-versa. Sometimes, however this activity becomes quite exasperating when a person posts undesirable content on our wall. If you are also experiencing this trouble, then you no longer have to worry about it, since in this post we have come up with simple steps to help you stop such people from publishing unwanted content on your wall without unfriending them. Read on to find out how to block people from posting on your Facebook wall.

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Stop Facebook From Draining Your Mobile Data By Playing Videos Automatically [Tutorial With Video]

Facebook app’s recent update came with a new feature which automatically plays videos while surfing the app on your smartphone. While most of you consider it a good feature, it might actually be not so. By automatically playing videos, do you have any idea how much this feature can cost you? If not, then let us brief you with the flaw this feature has. By playing the videos automatically, this feature is secretly eating up your mobile data. Every time a video is played, this feature uses Wi-Fi or Mobile data to stream the videos.

If you want to stop Facebook from draining you mobile data, then read on this post to find quick tutorial on how to turn off Facebook videos from playing automatically.

Stop Facebook From Draining Your Mobile Data

Facebook Lite App Goes Official In India: Details Inside

Facebook has finally launched the 2G friendly Facebook Lite app in India. As the name suggests, the Lite version of Facebook is for the users with slow connections. It uses less data and is less than 1MB. The new version of Facebook is essentially for those users who have poor internet connection limited to 2G.

There are more than a billion of Facebook users across the world who access Facebook from various devices. Facebook understands that data networks of some users can be slow and hence the launch of Facebook Lite. Users can send and receive Facebook messages within the app and it can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Facebook Lite app

Facebook Launches Voice Calling In Messenger App

In a bid to take on Skype and Hangout apps, Facebook has announced the launch of voice calling in messenger app. Facebook’s new voice calling feature will allow the users to make free video calls and have face to face conversations with the one’s in their friend list. Android and iOS users with Facebook messenger app on their mobile phone can make video calls using this feature.

To initiate a video call, the user will just have to tap on the video icon located at the top right corner of the screen during a messenger conversation or chat. Users can swap the camera as well (front and rear) according to their convenience while the feature will work even  the network connectivity is not the best. Read on to find detailed information on Facebook voice-calling feature.

Voice Calling In Messenger App