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Facebook Marketplace Expands With eBay Daily Deals

Facebook is slowly moving into the e-commerce segment. The company had expanded its Marketplace service into 17 new European markets. The new service connects local buyers and sellers. Additionally, it has collaborated with eBay. What’s next for the social media giant? Read more to find about eBay Daily Deals on Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace Expands With eBay Daily Deals

Facebook Watch Video Tab Unveiled – Is It Coming For Youtube?

Facebook has unveiled a new ‘Watch’ video tab to expand its viewership. The new tab will offer original shows from Facebook’s content partners to attract TV viewers. The new video hub is yet another step by Facebook to take on Youtube. Facebook videos have seamlessly integrated into the social network. The new section is bringing short episodic series to increase video watching habits on Facebook. Can it take over Youtube, Netflix and T.V.? Read more to find about Facebook Watch Video Tab Feature

Facebook Watch

How To Play Secret Games On Facebook Messenger

The Facebook Messenger is a great app to stay connected with your contacts. Additionally, the heavy app can also keep you entertained on your commute or while waiting for a cab. Facebook has hidden some entertaining games in the chatting app itself. These can easily help you pass time as conversations slow down. Let us help you in finding a load of games in the main Messenger app. Here’s How To Play Secret Games On Facebook Messenger

Here's How To Play Secret Games On Facebook Messenger

How To Delete Facebook Search History On Your PC Or Smartphone

Have you ever wondered what happens when you make a search on your Facebook account? Once you search for a friend, page or personality etc. on your Facebook account, Facebook saves those searches, and suggestions for the same old searches appear when you make a new search. On one hand it is beneficial for you since you can easily find what you were looking for later, but by doing so, Facebook keeps a record of all your searches in its database.  If you want to get rid of the search history on your Facebook account, follow the simple steps mentioned in this post. Scroll down to find out tutorial on how to delete Facebook search history on your PC or smartphone.

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Beware: Facebook Video Phishing Scam Targeting Users

Perhaps many of you might have recently come across Facebook posts from your friends with a video link along with their names or titles like- My Video, My First Video or Private Video. Some of you might also have received messages from your friends with some fishy video link accompanied with your name or same titles. If you have not clicked on any such link, then you better not do that in future as well as clicking on those links might get your PC into trouble. If you are eager to see what it actually is, then you must read this post before clicking on those video links.

Facebook Video Phishing Scam

Top 6 Facebook Tips & Tricks You Need To Know [With Video]

Perhaps we all are aware of basics of Facebook like making profile, posting statuses, making comments, posting images, chatting, adding or deleting friends and much more. But are we really familiar with the website? With Facebook getting updated every other day, it’s really difficult to keep up with it. Thus, in this post, we have mentioned 6 tricks which you didn’t know even existed. Read on to find out 6 interesting Facebook tips & tricks which you can not afford to miss! Let’s have a quick glance.

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