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Google Maps Go App Now Available on Google Play Store

The Google Maps Go App has been launched on Google Play Store. It is part of the new lightweight apps by the search engine giant. It is designed for smartphones with less than 1GB RAM. The application offers a progressive web app version of Google Maps. Read more to find about Google Maps Go App Availability and Features

Google Maps Go App

How To Use Two-Wheeler Mode In Google Maps

Google has released multiple apps and features for Indian users. One of the new additions is a ‘Two-Wheeler’ mode in Google Maps. The new feature was announced by the search engine giant at its ‘Google for India’ event. It can be found in the latest version of the Android app. Read more to find about How To Use Two-Wheeler Mode In Google Maps

Two-Wheeler Mode In Google Maps

How To Find Your Parking Spot In Google Maps

Google Maps is a very useful tool on our smartphones. Not only can you research locations and plan your trips but you can get directions in real-time. Just like most good apps, the Google Maps hides more features than it promotes. Recently, Google added a new feature to eliminate the parking location headache. Do you often forget the location of your parked car? Let us help you in finding your car at all times. Here’s How To Find Your Parking Spot In Google Maps

How To Find Your Parking Spot In Google Maps

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How To Use Google Maps With Voice Command On iPhone: Tutorial With Video

Though Apple has provided Maps app on iPhones, yet iOS users in some countries including India are not able to make use of some of its features. Sadly, Maps app in India can locate a place but cannot provide directions to that place. Some features of Maps app including turn-by-turn navigation are not available in India and users can not browse through the Maps app to get directions.

While Siri is able to intelligently answer all our questions, yet it fails to provide us with map directions. How wonderful it would be, if Siri could help us navigate between locations by providing turn by turn directions? Though not very quick, but this is possible using Google. Read on to find out out quick tutorial on how to use Google Maps with Voice command on iPhone.

how to use google maps with voice command on iphone