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How To Fix / Avoid Overheating Of Your Smartphone

Ever faced a situation when your smartphone got heated up? If your answer is yes, then don’t be shy to admit it. The issue of smartphones getting heated up is very common nowadays.

While gaming and heavy usage are more likely to cause heating, there are some users who experience smartphone heating even with normal usage. If you are also facing the same trouble, then we are here to help you! In this post, we will help you avoid overheating of smartphone. Read on to find out 10 simple tips which you can follow to fix or avoid overheating of your smartphone.

Fix / Avoid Overheating Of Your Smartphone

How To Delete Facebook Search History On Your PC Or Smartphone

Have you ever wondered what happens when you make a search on your Facebook account? Once you search for a friend, page or personality etc. on your Facebook account, Facebook saves those searches, and suggestions for the same old searches appear when you make a new search. On one hand it is beneficial for you since you can easily find what you were looking for later, but by doing so, Facebook keeps a record of all your searches in its database.  If you want to get rid of the search history on your Facebook account, follow the simple steps mentioned in this post. Scroll down to find out tutorial on how to delete Facebook search history on your PC or smartphone.

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How To Automatically Delete Old Text Messages On Android Phone & iPhone

Most of us check text messages on our smartphones haphazardly without even bothering to delete the useless messages. What happens next? The messages keep piling up in our smartphone’s inbox, eating up storage space. But keeping many messages on the device may not only result in using more capacity of your device, but also it slows down your phone in performance. It is a good practice to give some air to your text message inbox to breath. So, in this post we have brought a quick tutorial for the same. All you will need to do is make some tweaks in settings of your device and it will automatically delete all old text messages. You will not have to launch the app to delete the messages every time. Let’s have a glance at quick and easy tutorial on how To Automatically Delete Old Text Messages On Android Phone & iPhone.

How To Automatically Delete Old Text Messages On Android Phone & iPhone

PC Maintenance Tips: How To Keep Your PC Running Smoothly

Perhaps you own a PC or work on a PC in your office, but do you really care about its maintenance? Laptops and desktop PC’s are prone to perform poor, slow down and crash if they are not used in the right manner. If you are experiencing the same trouble with PC or if you do not want to face the trouble in future, follow the simple PC maintenance tips listed in this post. You don’t have to be an IT professional to protect your computer from crashes, loss of data and poor performance. All you will need to do is follow the guidelines listed in this post to keep your computer running smoothly and efficiently. Read on to find essential tips which will help your PC perform better and live for long without crashing.

PC maintenance Tips

How To Speed Up Your Android Phone: 6 Essential Tips

From checking our e-mails to browsing our social media accounts, playing games, listening to music and browsing internet, we rely on our smartphones and expect it to perform all functions at the blink of our eye. But what if our Android powered phone has slowed down in performance? What if your apps are taking longer time to launch? What if switching between screens is taking longer on your Android phone? You don’t have to worry for that. It does happen with most of us. If your smartphone is functioning slow, we are here to help you to fix your slow phone running on Android. All you need to do is to tweak certain things on your device. Read on to learn how to speed up your Android phone in 6 simple ways.

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11 Tips To Boost Battery Life Of Your iPhone & Android Phone

Nowadays smartphone users are hooked on to their phones 24×7. Right from sending and receiving text messages or e-mails, chatting on WhatsApp, taking pictures and posting on Facebook or Instagram, tweeting stuff, making video calls and what not, smartphones are used for everything. However, for doing all this and much more with your smartphone, the prerequisite is a good battery life. People expect their devices to run for entire day, once they have got 100% battery charge. Perhaps this is not what actually happens with most of us since our phone’s battery dies out before the day ends. But there are many ways which can help you improve the battery life of your device. Read on to find 11 tips to boost battery life of your iPhone & Android phone.

Tips To Boost Battery Life Of Your iPhone & Android Phone

10 Tips: How To Keep Your Smartphone Secure

We use our smartphones for numerous tasks such as browsing social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter etc, sending and receiving e-mails, capturing and sharing images, making audio and video calls, making online payments and so on. For accomplishing all these tasks we enter some crucial information on our devices like our e-mail id’s, passwords, credit card details etc. What if this crucial information is leaked or hacked? What if our phone is stolen and all the information is misused by someone. In order to protect the data on our devices, we need to take some security measures. In this post, we have listed few simple tips on how to keep your smartphone secure. Follow these precautions to protect your smartphone as well as the data you store in it.

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