How To Play Arcade Games On YouTube

YouTube is now offering games for users. The experimental feature will allow customers to play over 30 arcade games that can be played on the YouTube app. Read more to find How to Enable YouTube Playables Game Arcade Feature

How To Play Arcade Games On YouTube

YouTube is known as a video streaming site. Now, it is adding game options as well with the introduction of Playables.

The new feature will be available on the YouTube app on Android, iOS, and Web. It includes a collection of over 30 arcade games.

How To Enable YouTube Playables Game Arcade Feature

The Google-owned platform has started rolling out ‘Playables’ now. However, it will only be available to YouTube Premium subscribers. The company sent a notification for new features on the app over the last week.

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How To Enable YouTube Playables Game Arcade Feature

To enable the new YouTube Playables Game Arcade Feature, you will need to pay and get a YouTube Premium subscription. Once done, you can instantly start playing games without needing to download them. Here’s how to play games on YouTube:

How To Play Arcade Games On YouTube

  • Launch the YouTube app on Android or iOS, or navigate to the YouTube website on the Web.
  • Now, scroll down to find a Playables shelf on the homepage/ find the Playables option in the explore menu on the app.
  • That’s it!

Note: Before starting, turn on the Play games on YouTube option on the experimental new features page. On the YouTube app on mobile, tap on your profile icon on the bottom right, scroll down to ‘Your Premium benefits’, and then tap on ‘Try experimental new features.’

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The Playables feature is available to Premium members until March 28. It includes games like Angry Birds Showdown, Cannon Balls 3D, Daily Crossword, Brain Out, Daily Solitaire, and Gin Rummy.

Additionally, YouTube has added an AI-powered comment summaries feature. It will use AI to organise and summarise published comments on YouTube videos with large comment sections.

In India, YouTube Premium costs Rs 1,290 for a 12-month plan. The company also offers a three-month plan at Rs 399. There is also a one-month pre-paid plan which comes at Rs 139. After a one-month free trial, a monthly subscription for YouTube Premium costs Rs. 129 per month.

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