Dell OptiPlex Micro- Price, Features And Details

Dell has launched its smallest desktops- OptiPlex 9020 and OptiPlex 3020. These Dell OptiPlex Micro PC’s can fit into smallest of spaces, even in the spaces where traditional desktops can not fit. These desktops are compact in size and give unmatched performance. These are based on smallest chassis design with 1.2 liters displacement giving them a compact look. According to Dell, these Micro desktops are 67% smaller than the regular PC’s.

OptiPlex 3020 is claimed to provide business class performance while OptiPlex 9020 is targeted for the environments where security is considered as priority and which have lesser space to offer. With these Micro PC’s professionals can create unique and customized work spaces.

OptiPlex 3020 Micro Desktop

Key Features and Specifications of Dell OptiPlex Micro


  • Smallest chassis design with 1.2 liters displacement


  • OptiPlex 3020- 4th Generation Intel Core i5 processors with Intel Integrated Graphics.
  • OptiPlex 9020- 4th Generation Intel Core i7 processors with Intel Integrated Graphics.


  • OptiPlex 3020- Supports two displays with DisplayPort and VGA connectivity.
  • OptiPlex 9020- Supports three monitors with DisplayPort and VGA connectivity, including support for an optional additional DisplayPort or HDMI.


  • OptiPlex 3020- Four USB 3.0 and two USB 2.0 ports, enabling connections through connections through a global headset jack, audio out, DisplayPort, RJ-45.
  • OptiPlex 9020- Six USB 3.0 ports, enabling connections through  global headset jack, audio out, DisplayPort, RJ-45, optional serial +PS/2 or HDMI ports.


  • OptiPlex 3020- Up to 8GB1 of memory 1600MHz DDR3
  • OptiPlex 9020- Up to 16GB of memory 1600MHz DDR3  which allows the user to multitask by switching between various apps.

Dell OptiPlex 3020

Image- Dell OptiPlex 3020

Mounting Options Available With Dell OptiPlex Micro

  • Vertical Stand
  • VESA Wall Mount
  • VESA Under Desk Mount
  • Dual VESA Mount
  • Behind Monitor Mount
  • Console with ODD

Dell OptiPlex Micro 4

Image- Dell OptiPlex 9020

Pros of Dell Micro Desktops

  • Provides excellent security by protecting data across all endpoints.
  • Lesser expenditure on installation, updating and monitoring of the device.
  • Allows centralized control.
  • Saves money and time through proper management.

Appropriate Uses of OptiPlex Micro

  • Healthcare
  • Call centre
  • Finance and Banking
  • Education and
  • Manufacturing

OptiPlex Micro comes with pre-installed software that provide the users with excellent security and identity protection with the help of fingerprint readers, authentication support for Windows passwords,  and self-encrypting drives. is so small that it can be set flat on the table or it can be mounted on the wall with multiple mounting options. It also features a chassis intrusion detection switch which helps the users to easily know if someone has accessed the interior of OptiPlex Micro PC.

 Price and Availability

Dell OptiPlex Micro are available in India at a starting price of Rs.26,799/- (Ubuntu) and Rs.35,399/- (Win 8 Pro).


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