Angry Birds Toons Cartoon Series Premiering On March 16 and 17

Are you a big fan of Angry Birds game and you wanted to know more about Piggy Island that What makes Bomb Bird so angry? Why is the King Pig the King Pig? And are those mischievous piggies ever going to get hold of the eggs? Then this is for you. Because the makers of Angry Birds Rovio is going to premier the first episode of the weekly Angry Birds cartoon show on March 16 and 17. But there is not anything about it that on what device, app or site it going to launch. There will be 52 episodes. You can stay tuned to Angry Birds Toons websites for more information here.

Cartoon series - Angry Birds Toons premiering on March 16 and 17

The game Angry Birds was launched in 2009 on Apple ios app store and it becomes most popular game on ios followed by Android market and Play Store on Android. Angry Birds,  Angry Birds space, Angry Birds Star Wars and now a animated series Angry Birds Toons. Rovio Entertainment also announced Angry Birds 3D animated movie in december last year which will be release in summer of 2016.

Rovio Entertainment also announced to open a Theme Park in China. In which there will be interactive playground and rides. It will welcome 400 visitors per day.

Rovio Entertainment’s general manager for China, Paul Chen told, “We’re hoping to open the theme park by Chinese New Year next year, February.”

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