Beware: Facebook Video Phishing Scam Targeting Users

Perhaps many of you might have recently come across Facebook posts from your friends with a video link along with their names or titles like- My Video, My First Video or Private Video. Some of you might also have received messages from your friends with some fishy video link accompanied with your name or same titles. If you have not clicked on any such link, then you better not do that in future as well as clicking on those links might get your PC into trouble. If you are eager to see what it actually is, then you must read this post before clicking on those video links.

Facebook Video Phishing Scam

A suspicious Facebook video link is circulating on Facebook compelling users to click on it. While this video link may look like a genuine YouTube link that has your or your friend’s video in it, but it is not actually the case. We have found out that this is a Facebook video phishing scam and is flooding almost every user’s timeline. Clicking on this video will do no good but cause harm to your PC by dropping malware on it.

On clicking on this video link, you will be taken to another page, which will look like some genuine YouTube page with a video box at the top, likes and dislikes below the video as well as lined up videos on the right. But it is actually a fake page which will do nothing but cause harm to your PC. On playing the video from that page, a dialogue box will appear, asking your permission to add extensions or download a plugin to play the video. Once you click on it, your PC will be attacked with malware.


Clicking on this post further tags the people in the friend list of the victims and urges them to click on the links. If you have not yet clicked on such video links flooding Facebook, then we suggest you to not to do that in future as well. And if you have already clicked on this link and people in your friend list are receiving messages from you, then you can simply post a status update, alerting them about the same to obstruct this malware from spreading further on Facebook.

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