GupShup ‘chit-chat’ A Whatsapp Replacement For Smartphones

A new messenger app GupShup is now available to download on Google play store, Apple’s iTtunes and BlackBerry’s Webstore. This app allows you to send text to others via SMA or internet. This app is available on popular platforms so you can chat with them simply. And even if they don’t have installed this app on their device then the messages you send them will reach as an SMS into their inbox. The main and popular feature of this app that makes it different from others, is that it has lots of emotions that are widely popular among its users. There are many of pages of custom emotions and many of them are made for Indian context.

GupShup 'chit-chat' a new messaging app

Now may be you will think that you are using other messengers and may be you are very comfortable with Whatsapp, so why I need to install a new messenger on your device. So here is the answer, GupShup is different from others, GupShup is not only a messenger service, but also it has an option to become default messaging app of your device because it can send messages via SMS too, that makes it different from others. Suppose you are accessing contacts in GupShup, and you want to send message to a person then if that person also has GupShup then it send the message to that person via your phones internet or at the other end if that person doesn’t have GupShup then it will send him message through SMS.  So GupShup messenger is different from Whatsapp. Whatsapp gives you access to communicate across multiple platform and GupShup is also. But with Whatsapp you cannot communicate with each other if it is not install on your one of the devices. But with GupShup you can communicate with each other whether it is installed or not. So the GupShup is the combination of IM and SMS.

Some other feature of GupShup is that you can also make your own emotions and send them. Sending a message on GupShup works on your existing data plan. There are the public group, private chat, the activity feed and discover option in GupShup. Groups allows you to make your won group or you can also subscribe to others group too.

GupShup 'chit-chat' a new messaging app

“While every messaging app includes emoticons, most users get tired of them very quickly. By enabling users to submit their own, GupShup takes personalization and expression to a whole new level” said Beerud Sheth, Co-founder & CEO of GupShup Technologies. He added, “GupShup redefines what it means to have a heart-to-heart conversation”.

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