Logitech AnyAngle Protective Case- All You Need To Know

Logitech International, a global personal computer and tablets accessories provider has announced an addition to the range of its tablet products- LogiTech AnyAngle. This product from Logitech is a protective case for iPad Air 2 and all models of iPad mini and saves them from sliding or falling while doing work. There are many iPad cases available in the market but AnyAngle is designed to cater to the slim and sleek built of iPad.

For saving the iPad from sudden fall, a rubberized frame is provided in the case to protect the iPad from falling and getting scratched or cracked. This case features a transparent back that maintains the look of the iPad as it can be easily seen through the case and doesn’t degrade the look. It has an adjustable stand which can be adjusted according to the needs to share the screen while working at office with peers ar with family at home. It keeps the hold of the iPad and protects it from falling, spills or bumps. The iPad will stay in the same position with case unless the user adjusts the position again.

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“It’s fascinating to see how people have changed the way they use their iPad since the product first entered the market.” “The iPad is now used nearly everywhere – including in the kitchen or watching shows in bed – and Logitech’s tablet accessories have continued to evolve alongside people’s varying needs with the introduction of the Logitech AnyAngle,” said Ashok Jangra, Cluster Category Manager – India & SW Asia at Logitech.

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What Special Feature Has LogiTech AnyAngle Got?

It contains a hidden hinge which is smooth and is capable of being blided. This hinge maintains the angle of the case holding the iPad below 50 degrees. It maintains the same angle to keep the phone safe and prevents it from slipping down. It is also equipped with magnets to keep the hold of the iPad with suitable angle. The phone is thus saved from scratches or cracks. It is made with water resistant and durable materials. It is also equipped with proper openings for charging, camera and microphone. It covers the front of the iPad with it’s front cover flap as well as protects the sides by covering them. It comes with an Auto wake/Auto sleep feature which wakes the iPad when the cover is pulled off the screen and puts it to sleep when the cover is closed.

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AnyAngle for iPad Air 2 comes with length, width and height measuring 252.8 mm x183.8 mm x 14.3 mm and 342 grams weight. While the iPad mini case comes with the dimensions – 210 mm x 144.4 mm x 15.3 mm (Length, Width and Height respectively), weighing 242 grams. It will come with 6 colour options- Black, Violet, Teal, Red/Blue, Yellow and Grey. The buyers can choose the colour of the case according to their likes and dislikes.


Official Video- Logitech AnyAngle

Price and Availability

The Logitech AnyAngle is scheduled to go on sale in India in early December 2014 at the retail price of around Rs. 2,995/-.


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