YouTube Premiere Gets New Features – Live Redirect, Countdown Themes, & More

The Premiere feature on YouTube has become quite popular among creators. Now, the video platform has added new features. Read more to find about new YouTube Premiere Features

YouTube Premiere Adds Live Redirect, Trailers, Countdown Themes

The YouTube Premiere feature has become quite a popular among creators and artists. Now, it has received several new features.

The Google-owned platform has added three new features to improve the experience. This includes Live Redirect, Trailers, and Countdown Themes. Let’s take a closer look:

Live Redirect

Now, the host can start a live pre-show before the actual premiere. This will allow creaters to connect with the audience and viewers.

Once the live stream ends, all the viewers will automatically be redirected to the actual premiere that was scheduled by the host.

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YouTube has also added the ability to play a trailer on the watch page in advance of the Premiere, to build hype before the content.

As of now, the popular video platform is allowing trailers with lengths anywhere between 15 seconds to 3 minutes.

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Countdown Themes

Additionally, you can also set Countdown themes to build excitement among the viewers.

Currently, YouTube is offering a wide range of themes, vibes, and moods to choose from. This includes calm, playful, dramatic, sporty, etc.

Note: The new features will start rolling out to eligible creators in the coming months.

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