How To Find Your Spotify Wrapped 2020 With Most Listened Tracks

Despite a global pandemic, streaming music and videos has increased. Now, Spotify is allowing you to recap your listening history this year. Read more to find How To Find Your Spotify Wrapped 2020

How To Find Your Spotify Wrapped 2020 With Most Listened Tracks

Spotify has seen a huge increase in streaming and listening this year. Now, it is offering a way to remince through countless hours of music you’ve listened to.

Each year Spotify showcases which music, genres, and more that you listened to over the past 12-ish months. Spotify Wrapped 2020 is now live for subscribers.

The streaming platform has released Spotify Wrapped 2020 that shows which songs, artists, and podcasts you listened to most over the past year. You can also share with their friends on social media.

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How To Find Your Spotify Wrapped 2020 With Most Listened Tracks

  • Head on over to Spotify’s Wrapped 2020 website in your browser
  • Now, tap the “Log in to see your 2020 Wrapped” link
  • Next, you will either be sent to a login screen or into the Spotify app
  • If required, type in your credentials to be moved automatically to the mobile app
  • The Wrapped 2020 will be highlighted at the top of the “Home” tab
  • Then, tap on the card to view your end-of-year results
  • Now, you will see an Instagram Story-like interface that automatically starts playing music and a video
  • Next, tap on the right or left side of your screen to progress forward or backward through your Spotify Wrapped 2020

Note: You can only view your Wrapped 2020 results using the Spotify app for iPhone, iPad, and Android.

How To Find Your Spotify Wrapped 2020 With Most Listened Tracks

How To Share Spotify Wrapped 2020 With Your Friends On Social Media

  • Select the “Share This Story” link found under each card
  • Spotify will only share the section’s infographic seen at the end of the clip, not the entire video
  • Select which social platform you would like to share your results to (Instagram Stories, Facebook, Snapchat, etc)

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The Spotify Wrapped 2020 is a great way to track your listening habits and relive the year. You can experience it even if you don’t have a Spotify account.

You can just head over to the Spotify Wrapped website and scroll through the top podcasts, which decade’s music was listened to most, and more of 2020.

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