Here’s All We Think We Know About LG V30

LG’s first phone of 2017 to come with Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chip is the V30. This phone is also the first time LG will (reportedly) use an OLED display on its device. In the pecking order, the V30 will sit above the G6 and that’s fine. In that sense, it will be a competitor to Samsung Note 8. However, to go up against that phone, it will need to have some powerful specs and a host of features. With that in mind, here’s a lowdown on LG V30 price in India, specifications and features. Do note that this information is based on reports and can change anytime, until the phone is launched.

LG V30

Expect LG to junk V20’s design and go for G6’s design for the V30. LG V20 pictured above

Here’s All We Know About Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Till Date

After the Note 8 fiasco of 2016, the Note 8 will be Samsung’s biggest launch this year. Why? The Note 8 launch will be its way of telling the world that it has learned its lesson. Its quality has become even better and the phones will no longer explode. Not a single Samsung Galaxy S8 unit has exploded yet, which is encouraging. Also, the Note 8 will take on the Apple behemoth that is the iPhone 8 (alleged). Here’s all we think we know about the Samsung Note 8 price in India, specifications and features. We have shortened the device’s name for ease of use in this piece.

Samsung Note 8

We hope the Samsung Note 8 takes after the Galaxy S8 Plus’ great design. Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus pictured above.

Xiaomi Mi Max 2: All You Need To Know

Xiaomi has now launched the Mi Max 2 in China. It is a mid-range smartphone that will compete against the Motorola Moto G5 Plus and Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime. The smartphone has not yet been brought to India. However, there is a big chance it will be here soon. How can we say that? The Moto G5 Plus is the leader in the mid-range smartphone segment. Xiaomi has the recipe to beat it with the Mi Max 2. So, without further ado, let’s get right to talking about Xiaomi Mi Max 2 price in India, launch date, specifications and features.

Xiaomi Mi Max 2

OnePlus 5 vs Xiaomi Mi 6: Which Phone Should You Buy?

Two upcoming phones have everyone’s attention in India and across the world. These two come from the same country and operate on disruptive marketing models. These two companies are Xiaomi and OnePlus. Both companies pride themselves on selling quality products at low cost. However, their marketing models are polar opposite. While OnePlus used to operate on an invite system and still may choose to go that way, Xiaomi uses the flash sale mode. Their flagship phones for 2017 – Mi 6 and OnePlus 5 respectively also have most specs in common. However, they seem to cater to different masses. How? Here’s the OnePlus 5 vs Xiaomi Mi 6 comparison to show you how.


OnePlus 5 vs Xiaomi Mi 6

Asus ZenFone Live Launched In India For Rs 9,999

Asus has brought a new phone to India. This phone’s name is ZenFone Live. The reason for the Live bit in this phone’s name is its main feature. The ZenFone Live applies beautification technology to content streaming live. Not just that, this phone also comes a LED flash with its front camera. With Asus touting its camera capabilities, what is the ZenFone Live as a smartphone? Let’s take a look at Asus ZenFone Live price in India, specifications and features to know more about the device.

Asus ZenFone Live

Here’s All We Know About The Alleged Nokia Flagship, Nokia 9, Till Date

HMD Global, the brand that sells Nokia-branded smartphones, is planning a flagship smartphone. Being called the Nokia 9 (for now), it will have all the latest goodies expected in a 2017 flagship smartphone. The lack of any concrete data does hurt this story a bit. However, recently we shared an image on Facebook, which was shared on Twitter by famous tipster Evan Blass. It showed a fourth Nokia smartphone alongside the Nokia 3, 5 and 6. So we are expecting the fourth device to the flagship Nokia smartphone. With that established, let’s look at what the Nokia 9 price in India, launch date, specifications and features may look like.

Nokia 9

The first phone from the left may be the Nokia 9. Image courtesy Evan Blass on Twitter