Google Pixel 2: All We Think We Know

The Google Pixel replaced the Google Nexus line of devices in 2016. Along with its big, brother, the Pixel XL, It was warmly received by the masses. There are a lot of things to like about the Pixel – its design, materials, camera, specs and OS. It is perhaps the best Android smartphone to come out in 2016. However, in the company of phones such as Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG G6, the Pixel seems old. However, an all-new Pixel is going to come out in 2017. We think we know what it will have onboard. Interested? Then continue reading to know more about Google Pixel 2 India price, variants, launch date, specifications and features.

Google Pixel 2 India

Samsung Galaxy S8 Vs Google Pixel: Which One Should You Buy?

The Galaxy S8 is the baddest, meanest phone in the market. Coming from Samsung, this phone has great design, great specs and generally a great aura surrounding it. However, it has to fend off competition from perhaps the best Android smartphone from 2016, the Google Pixel. The Pixel replaced the Nexus line of smartphones. However, it uses the same recipe as the Nexus line – great specs, no bloatware. What happens when these behemoths collide? For the purpose of this comparison and the ones in future, we are eliminating the use of galaxy with Samsung phones. After all, all Samsung phones are Galaxy smartphones. With that out of the way, let’s begin the Samsung S8 VS Google Pixel spec sheet battle:

Samsung S8 Vs Google Pixel

LG G6 Launched In India For Rs 51,990

LG has been dealing with the negative effects of the its last flagship smartphone, the G5. Everything aside, the standout feature of the phone became its most unpopular one. However, the company seeks to rectify this mistake. Hence, for 2017, the G5 is being replaced by the G6. Naming convention aside, the G6 is not a smartphone. It is LG doubling down on its image as a premium smartphone maker. The G6 tries to offer an experience unlike any other phone on the market. The LG G6 India launch happened on April 24, 2017. Read on to find out more about its price, specifications and features.

LG G6 India Launch

Here’s All We Think We Know About HTC U

Every year, new flagship smartphones launches take place throughout the year. 2017 started with LG and Samsung revealing their respective flagship smartphones. Now, a third manufacturer is about to reveal its flagship smartphone. This manufacturer’s name is HTC. HTC flagship smartphones are known for their great industrial design and build quality. However, this year, it will not bring out a successor to HTC 10. Instead, its top-of-the-line smartphone in 2017 is called HTC U. Read on to know more about HTC U price in India, expected launch date, specifications and features.


LG G6 vs iPhone 7 Plus: Which One Should You Buy?

The iPhone 7 Plus is the big, bad brother of the iPhone 7. However, the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus, Apple differentiates between its two devices on more grounds than battery and screen. Also, iPhone 7 Plus is still very popular among those who want to buy a big phone. The LG G6 is the biggest, baddest phone LG currently makes. It also is the most unlike-LG phone you will see from the Korean giant. Can LG recover the ground it lost with the G5? Does the iPhone 7 Plus remain as relevant as it was? How do these two phones stack up against each other? Let’s find out in this LG G6 vs iPhone 7 Plus battle:

LG G6 vs iPhone 7 Plus

Xiaomi Mi 6 Launched in China. India Next?

Did you think OnePlus 3T will be the only ones for some time to come with 6GB RAM? Think again (ore perhaps read this). Those in China can now buy the latest Xiaomi flagship smartphone, the Mi 6. It sports the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset underneath its body. Priced from RMB 2,499 onwards (equal to roughly Rs 23,500). It is the first smartphone in China to come with Snapdragon 835 chip. Read on to know more about Xiaomi Mi 6 India launch date, expected price, specifications and features.

Xiaomi Mi 6 India Launch - Variants