How To Post On Instagram From Your Desktop

Instagram is one of the best platforms to showcase your photography skills. However, the popular application can only be accessed through a mobile device. While an Instagram app is available for Windows 10, it lacks the option of uploading pics from your desktop. There’s no dedicated app for the Mac OS at all. This is quite restrictive as most photographers don’t use smartphones as their primary camera. Want to share your painstakingly-taken pictures on Instagram? Read more to find How To Post On Instagram From Your Desktop

How To Post On Instagram From Your Desktop

Airtel Monsoon Surprise Offers Up to 30GB of Free Data

Airtel has announced its Monsoon Surprise Offer. The new offer will provide users with up to 30GB of free data. It is an extension of the ‘Airtel Surprise Offer’ which was launched in March this year. The telecom operator is still facing the Jio competition and has extended the Surprise Offer, coinciding with the arrival of monsoon. Read more to find about Airtel Monsoon Surprise Offer

Airtel Monsoon Surprise Offer

OnePlus 5 Vs Google Pixel XL Comparison: Which Phone is Better?

After months of rumors, OnePlus has finally launched the OnePlus 5 handset. The ‘flagship killer’ improves upon the OnePlus 3T (launched last year) with a better design, performance, and camera. But how does the iPhone look-alike fares in comparison to other Android flagship devices? The widely praised Google Pixel XL in among the best Android smartphone in the market. Read more to find OnePlus 5 Vs Google Pixel XL Comparison: Which Phone is Better?

OnePlus 5 Vs Google Pixel XL Comparison

Here’s All We Know About Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Till Date

After the Note 7 fiasco of 2016, the Note 8 will be Samsung’s biggest launch this year. Why? The Note 8 launch will be its way of telling the world that it has learned its lesson. Its quality has become even better and the phones will no longer explode. Not a single Samsung Galaxy S8 unit has exploded yet, which is encouraging. Also, the Note 8 will take on the Apple behemoth that is the iPhone 8 (alleged). Here’s all we think we know about the Samsung Note 8 price in India, specifications, and features. We have shortened the device’s name for ease of use in this piece.

Rumored Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Leaked image representation of Samsung Galaxy Note 8

How Does A Dual Camera System Work?

A great camera is a necessary feature of a great smartphone. Right now, the hottest feature in new smartphones is a dual camera system. The new technology allows you take smartphone photography to next level. Thanks to an intense competition in the market, smartphone brands are offering the new technology at lower and lower prices. The dual camera system uses two cameras to offer a better depth of field, clarity and nice bokeh. But how is it done? Read more to find How Does A Dual Camera System Work?

How Does A Dual Camera System Work