Is Samsung Secretly Stealing Data From Your Smartphone? Find Out…

Two videos claiming that Samsung is stealing your personal data saved on your smartphone are going viral over the web. These videos claim that Samsung through a secret microchip planted inside your Samsung Galaxy device steals all your private data (including photos and videos) and upload it to their servers without letting the users know. These videos also claim that such chips should be removed from your device.

But is Samsung really stealing data from your smartphone? Or is it some useful component of the device? Before you plan to believe those videos and remove the chip attached to the battery of your smartphone, check out our report.


The person in the video strips off the plastic from battery and shows a microchip stating that it is the component which Samsung has cleverly placed to steal users confidential data. Unfortunately, the person in the video does not know that the chip embedded on the battery of the smartphone is the NFC (Near Field Communication) chip without which the NFC technology will not perform properly. NFC functionality is usually present in premium smartphones. These chips are required so that the smartphones connect with other devices easily to share content, make payments as well as for social networking.

Secretly Stealing Data

The NFC chips are to be placed near to the back of the smartphone for proper functioning. The reason why these chips are planted on the battery is that smartphones with unibody design do not have enough space to place such components.

The videos going viral over the web are a hoax. If you are also one of those persons who have received these videos through Whatsapp or Facebook message, we suggest you to not to believe them. Samsung has no intention to steal your data through secret microchips. By believing any such fake videos, advising you to remove the chip embedded under the hood of your Samsung smartphone, you will end up loosing NFC functionality on your Samsung device.

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