Aircel Pocket Internet At Rs. 24 Per Month

Are you an Aircel subscriber? You used to access internet on desktops and cyber cafes but rarely on your mobile. So you need an internet plan that will be cheap and have enough data, so that you can access internet occasionally on your mobile device. Keeping all this things in mind Aircel launches an economical plan for its subscribers which will cost you less than Rs. 1/ day. Pocket Internet- 24 as its name suggest it cost you Rs. 24/ month, and you get 100 MB data for 30 days. This internet plan will be helpful for those who don’t used to download media and files on their mobile. They will surely go for this plan for surfing internet on their mobile devices. The customers will be able to download applications, surf net and stay connected with family and friends.

Aircel introduces Pocket Internet for Rs. 24 per month

Anupam Vasudev, Chief Marketing Officer, Aircel, said, “India has the third largest internet users in the world and is rapidly adding 70 million mobile internet users a year. It is ironic that despite this exponential growth, a majority of the Indian population has never experienced internet on their mobile phones. These customers have used internet in cyber cafes and desktops but have never experienced internet on their phones due to limited awareness and knowledge of mobile internet. With Pocket Internet 24, we aim to tap this segment and drive internet adoption among first time internet users.”

 He adds further, “Pocket Internet 24 is developed keeping in mind the two key issues of a first time user – time to learn and the fear of overspending on data. The product will offer higher validity at lesser price to ensure ample time for the customers to learn and understand the usage of internet on mobile.”

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