How To Quickly Block Paytm Account Temporarily

Over-the-phone payments have become a huge part of the shopping experience, especially since COVID 19 pandemic started. However, it comes with its own risks. Read more to find How To Quickly Block Paytm Account Temporarily

How To Quickly Block Paytm Account Temporarily

Phone payment apps are a pretty useful way to clear dues across different platforms. Since the COVID 19 pandemic started, the usage of apps like PayTM, Google Pay, Phone Pe, etc has increased manyfold.

Services like Paytm, Google Pay, and others work with Unified Payments Interface (UPI) in India. While UPI offers a secure way to make payments/ transfer money, these apps can be misused if someone has access to your phone.

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Fortunately, there are steps you can take to block these UPI services from being accessed, in case your smartphone gets stolen or you misplace it somewhere.

Lets us help you protect your PayTM account against misuse. Simply follow the below-mentioned steps and you don’t have to worry about money being stolen.

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How To Quickly Block Paytm Account Temporarily

  • Call Paytm Payments Bank helpline number 01204456456.
  • Then, select the option for a lost phone
  • Now, choose the option for entering a different number and enter your lost phone number
  • Next, choose to log out from all devices
  • Then, go to the Paytm website and scroll down to select 24×7 Help
  • Now, select Report a Fraud and click on any category
  • Then, click on any issue > the Message Us button at the bottom
  • Next, you will have to submit one proof of account ownership which can be debit/ credit card statement showing Paytm account transactions, a confirmation email or SMS for a Paytm account transaction, proof of phone number ownership, or police complaint proof against lost or stolen phone
  • Once done, Paytm will validate and block your account
  • You will receive a confirmation message
  • That’s it!

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