Scribble Anything And Share With Friends On Smartphones With Doodly Doo

Smartphones are becoming an integral part of our lives and the communications habits are also evolving fast. Mobile phones used to carry just voice, then came text messages, then MMS and then Data. Data connectivity gave birth to today’s smart devices and smartphones which have given a whole new medium of communication using text, images, video, pictures and what not!

But what about the basic human nature of scribbling? We do love to write, draw, sketch and communicate via these sketches. In this article, I share a very interesting and useful Android application called Doodle Doo which helps you draw anything, make sketches, take pictures and scribble on it, or take a screenshot of your android smartphone screen and add customized messages to it. It does not end here, you can share these scribbled and doodles with your friends using Doodly Doo or other IM clients like Whatsapp etc. and also via Facebook.

Doodly Doo

Doodly Doo- Draw, Sketch And Share

Doodly Doo can be just for fun, or for helping out friends with directions, can be used to communicate with a deeper meaning and expressions which are limited only by your creativity. Its very simple to use.

Doodly Doo1

Below are some screenshots of the app from our test:

Doodly Doo Review (1)Doodly Doo Review (2)

Doodly Doo Review (4)Doodly Doo Review (3)

It can be used for work, for play or just for fun. So start scribbling and let the communication happen with more than just text.

Download Doodly Doo from Google Playstore.

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