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Ludo Zenith- 3D Strategy Online Ludo Game Review

Mobile multiplayer gaming is one of the most relaxing and engaging things we love to do in our free time. With the ongoing global situation, where most of us cannot catch up with our friends in the real world, these multiplayer mobile games have come as our savior. While Ludo is one of the oldest classic games we have grown up playing, it still is a lot of fun to play this game with friends and family. Whether you play it online or offline, it is full of fun and a competitive spirit. But don’t you think that after playing only a few rounds of it, it starts to feel very boring and repetitive? Well, to me, it does. In this post, I will share with you a unique treasure, which is, our favorite old Ludo with a lot of added twists and added excitement, the Ludo Zenith.

Ludo Zenith

Why Vivo V15 Is The Best Camera Phone Under Rs. 25,000

We all love to look good and more so in our pictures. Whether you like to click or get clicked, it is important to have a good camera smartphone which is capable of capturing the moment to its best and give you great pictures for your social media life. In this article, we focus on the sub 25,000 rupees segment for users who love to click pictures and take selfies. One of the recent launches in this price segment is Vivo V15 and we really like its camera capabilities. So we share with you our reasons why Vivo V15 is the best camera phone at this price.

Vivo V15 Camera Features

Top 7 Features of GOME C7 Note

GOME (a fast-growing consumer electronics and smartphone retail company) has launched its first smartphone in the Indian market called the GOME C7 Note. The budget smartphone comes with a 2.0 GHz octa-core processor, Android 8.1 Oreo OS, and an HD+ display. Read more to find about Top 7 Features of GOME C7 Note.

The GOME C7 Note offers pretty good specs and features at an affordable price tag. This smartphone is priced at Rs 6999 for the 2GB RAM variant. The 3GB RAM variant is available at Rs 8499. At this price-point, it is likely to attract a lot of users. Let’s take a closer look at the new handset.

GOME C7 Note

Who ticks all the boxes for a techy– OPPO A7 or VIVO Y95? Lets find out…

OPPO and Vivo are both quite well-known brands in India when it comes to smartphones and in this post, we are going to compare two popular phones form these brands. We are comparing the OPPO A7 with the Vivo Y95. Both phones are recently launched in India. Both are rich in features and are priced very similarly at price point of Rs. 17,000. We have both phones with us for a head-on comparison and we find out for you which one is the better phone between these two. We have broken this comparison into practical features, which impact the user experience and we pit these two phones against each other on all these fronts. So let us dive into the detailed comparison.

OPPO A7 VS Vivo Y95

LG Water Purifier WW180EP Review

LG India has a range of water purifiers in India and we recently reviewed their WW180EP which is one of their high-end models. In this post, we are going to share our experience of this product right from delivery to installation to the usage of the product. Before I dive deep into the experience, let me give you a quick look at the key features of the water purifier. The LG WW180EP water purifier uses RO technology along with UV and mineral boosters to deliver ultra purified mineral-rich water which is clean and healthy for consumption. It has a stainless steel water tank design with a minimalistic design and a smart display with filter change and UV sterilizing indicators. It also has a feature called 2-in-1 care with a special water outlet for water to rinse vegetables or wash clothes.

Reflect Your Style Quotient With Honor 9N- Goodbye Boring Colours!

Isn’t it boring when the only colour choices you get are either white or gold! Well, that is the case with most smartphones in the market. Most of them are either gold or white in colour and they look so much like each other that there is no way an ordinary smartphone stands out in the crowd. If you are style quotient, such regular phones do not compliment your personality!

So what is the way out? Is there a way out at all?

Yes, the Honor 9N is here to break the monotony of dull and boring looking smartphones. With a brilliant design and out-of-the-ordinary colour options, you will never feel that your phone looks boring. Let me share some more details with you.

Vivo V11 Pro Teased- Top 11 Features We Are Excited About

The Vivo V11 Pro launch scheduled on the 6th of September 2018, it is hardly a week away from now. There is already a lot of buzz and excitement around and after seeing the teasers, we are quite excited to get our hands on the V11 Pro.

Here are some quick facts about the Vivo V11 Pro which have already been revealed, making it one of the most sought after under 30k smartphones in India. Below is a list of the 11 features which we find most exciting!