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#Giveaway- Honor 9 Lite #MaxYourBeauty With #Honor9Lite [Winner Announced]

It has been some time we have not given away a phone and we are back with a giveaway content for our blog readers and YouTube subscribers. The giveaway prize is an Honor 9 Lite Smartphone, which has been launched sometime back and has been selling like hot cakes. This phone is an excellent value for money and offers beautiful design and superb camera performance. It is a perfect blend of form and function without breaking the budget. We are giving away one Honor 9 Lite smartphone in this giveaway and to participate, you need to follow these simple steps below.

Smartron P Review- Long Battery Life Phone

Smartron launched its P smartphone in January 2018. The Android smartphone comes with a 5.20-inch display, Snapdragon 435 processor, and 3GB RAM. Additional highlights include a 13-megapixel rear camera and 5000mAh non-removable battery. Lets us take a closer look at the new smartphone. Read more to find our Smartron P Review.

Smartron P

Billion HiEnergy 15000 mAh #MadeForIndia Billion Power Bank Review

Billion is an Indian brand started by Flipkart with a mission to make “#MadeForIndia” products. The products made by Billion are made in India and are made for India (a billion people), hence the name Billion. These products are sold exclusively on Flipkart and there is a variety of products sold under brand Billion. When we are writing this post, Billion already sells products including backpacks, Mixer Grinders, Cookware, Dry Iron and T-Shirts to name a few. Sometime back we did a review of Billion Capture+ Smartphone. Today, we bring you a review of another useful product from Billion- the Billion HiEnergy 15,000 mAh Powerbank. So let us get started with the Billion Powe Bank Review.

Power banks are a must-have accessory for smartphone users these days especially when you have to work or travel a lot outdoors where there is no scope for charging your phone using a wall charger. Powerbanks also help reduce the battery anxiety among smartphone users to a great extent. Billion HiEnergy power banks have been designed keeping the practical needs of Indian users in mind. In this post, we share our review of the Billion HiEnergy 15,000 mAh and what we like about it.

To start with, the Billion HiEnergy 15,000 mAh power bank has a standard output of up to 2.1 Ampere current while most conventional power banks support up to 1 Ampere current. This means that the devices which support faster charging will be charged up to 2 times faster. So if your smartphone takes 1 hour to charge with a conventional power bank, with the Billion HiEnergy it will charge in about 30 minutes. A large 15,000 mAh capacity ensures that even if you are out for a long vacation of work travel, you have enough charge for a few days depending on how many devices you need to charge. Typically, a smartphone with 2,500 mAh battery can be charged more than 4 times with a fully charged Billion HiEnergy 15,000 mAh. And not only does it charge your smartphones, any gadget which charges over a USB, like a smartwatch, digital camera, iPad, Tablets, action cameras, iPods, Bluetooth headphones and a number of electronic devices can be charged using this power bank. There is not one, but 2 USB output ports on this power bank with which you can simultaneously charge two devices.

To keep the customer needs in mind, the power bank has been designed to be compact and lightweight so that it is easy to carry. It uses high-quality A+ grade BIS approved Lithium-Ion batteries for superior performance and durability. These batteries provide more than 500 charge and discharge cycles which means it will keep working for years.

image- Billion Power Bank Review

The BillionHiEnergy 15,000 mAh powerbank also features 7-way protection and safety feature to ensure that there is no damage to the devices or the powerbank itself in any way. These safety features include protection against under-voltage, over-voltage, short circuit, over current, over charging, deep discharge and overheating. It uses a microprocessor-controlled mechanism to automatically adjust the charging voltage. There are 4 LED indicator lights to display the charging status of the powerbank. Apart from that, the powerbank also has a built-in LED Flashlight which comes in handy while travel or power failure scenarios.

So summing up my experience with this powerbank, I am impressed that it is very light in weight and very compact, hence it is very easy to carry. It can charge multiple devices at once which makes is a perfect choice. At a price of just Rs. 999, this powerbank, which is loaded with so many features, is a great deal. Go ahead and get one for yourself from Flipkart here.

Budget Smartphone With “Mettle Inside & Metal Outside”- Honor Holly 4

You must be wondering about the title of this post, well this is the punch line of the Honor Holly 4 and in this post, we find out whether this phone does justice to this punchline? Let us have closer look at this phone and find out what it has on offer?

Honor Holly 4 was introduced in India in October 2017 at a MOP of around Rs. 11999 and has been made available through a wide network of 30,000 retail points across 400 cities in India. With such wide availability through offline channels, unlike many other phones, which can be bought through online channels only, Honor Holly 4 caters to a much larger customer base.

Honor 9 Lite VS Xiaomi Mi A1- Which Is Better And Why?

Huawei has launched its Honor 9 Lite in India recently. This phone has a very premium metal and glass design and looks like a piece of art. With a starting price of just Rs. 10,999, it is one of the best looking phones in this price segment. It does not end here, this phone has a Quad-Camera System, which means a dual camera setup at both rear as well as the front, which makes it stand out from the crowd. It means that you can take beautiful portrait shots with both the front as well as the rear camera on this phone. Xiaomi’s Mi A1 another popular phone launched a few months back with a dual camera rear setup and a single camera at the front. Priced at Rs. 13,999 at present, the Mi A1 seems to be a strong competitor in the price segment and hence we are comparing these two phones head-on in this post to find out which phone is better between Honor 9 Lite VS Xiaomi Mi A1 and why?

Why Honor 9 Lite Is The Best Smartphone To Buy Under Rs. 15,000

Are you in the market to buy a phone between Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 15,000 and confused with so many good phones in this price segment? Trust me, there are many buyers in this segment who are confused and probably spoilt for choices. While there are many phones in this price starting from Xiaomi Redmi Note 4, Honor 7x, Moto G5s Plus, Billion Capture+ to name a few, today I will tell you about the latest entrant in this segment which has some unique features to offer which none of these phones offer you at this price. I am talking about the Honor 9 Lite which is the only phone in this price segment which features Quad-Cameras, yes, not one, not two, but four cameras! It has a dual camera setup at the front as well as the rear of the phone, something you would simply not find in this price segment. This is just not it, there are lot more things to love about this phone, so let me cover these reasons very objectively as to why we feel the Honor 9 Lite is the best smartphone to buy under Rs. 15,000. Let us get started.