LG Water Purifier WW180EP Review

LG India has a range of water purifiers in India and we recently reviewed their WW180EP which is one of their high-end models. In this post, we are going to share our experience of this product right from delivery to installation to the usage of the product. Before I dive deep into the experience, let me give you a quick look at the key features of the water purifier. The LG WW180EP water purifier uses RO technology along with UV and mineral boosters to deliver ultra purified mineral-rich water which is clean and healthy for consumption. It has a stainless steel water tank design with a minimalistic design and a smart display with filter change and UV sterilizing indicators. It also has a feature called 2-in-1 care with a special water outlet for water to rinse vegetables or wash clothes.


The LG water purifier WW180EP delivered directly from dealer end at home and then an installation team from LG came to install it at my home. The installation team was a 2 people team trained to install as well as service the water purifiers. They have proper job sheet and customer information so that they call and take prior appointments with the customer before they visit. The team was very professional and well trained with the task needed for installation like drilling on the wall, plumbing etc. They took about 30 minutes to unbox and install the purifier in its place. They checked the functioning of the product, gave a demo about the features and also filled a maintenance sheet and placed it on the side of the purifier for a maintenance log. It comes with 1 year of warranty and maintenance, beyond which the customer can get the AMC from LG.

Design and Features

Coming to the LG water purifier WW180EP performance and functioning, it is a very simple and easy-to-use product. There are not many controls on it. Just plug it, turn it on, enable the water connection and it does the rest. The filtration process is automatic. It keeps cleaning water and storing it in the 8 Litre stainless steel tank. When you take out the water from the tap of the purifier and the water level reduces, it automatically starts purifying more water and gradually fills up the tank. 8 Litre capacity is usually good enough for a typical Indian family drinking water needs.

There are LED indicator lights which display the water level. There is also a light which indicated the functioning of the purifier. The aesthetics and design of the water purifier are quite good. It looks and feels very good in terms of quality. The fit, finishing as well as the material quality of the product is also very impressive. There are electric pumps and internal equipment which makes some sound when the purifier is operational, but it is not too loud.

Water Quality

When it comes to water quality, the LG WW180EP is a no-compromise product. It has 5 stage RO filtration with a pre-filter, sediment filter, pre-carbon filter, RO Membrane and Mineral Booster. There is also UV filtration inside the storage tank to kill any bacteria or viruses. The quality of water from the purifier is quite high, there is no saltiness to it and it tastes extremely clean and fresh. We also did a litmus paper test to find out if the pH (acidity) levels of the water are normal or not, as we heard some RO systems mess with the pH of water. But we found that the pH level was 7 (or neutral) which is absolutely safe to drink.

Verdict- LG Water Purifier WW180EP Review

The LG WW180EP is slightly on the higher side of the price segment and also costs more to maintain than other entry-level water purifiers. But if you look at the design, aesthetics, features, performance and the water output quality of the purifier, you will find that it is actually a good value for money. As a product, it is quite sorted, simple and very functional. We do recommend the same for domestic water purification needs. You can buy LG WW180EP online here.

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