Fix Laptop Heating Problem with Proper Air Circulation – Antec Notebook Cooler Designer

Most of us nowadays own a laptop no matter of which brand. Looking at a survey taken in 2012 there is a computer in every 5 houses out of 10 in India and out of these 5 every 2 have a laptop. Counting with the Indian population this is not a small number.

People in countries like India with pollution and extreme climate generally face this problem of laptop heating up. It not only arises due to long usage but also due to dust clogged in the machine which leads to improper air circulation. Companies found this issue as an opportunity for a new product which could solve this issue and therefore keep our laptop cool.


Laptop coolers which claim to decrease the CPU temperature are developed by different brands now one of them being cooler master. But do they really work? Why should we buy it? We got answers for all of your questions which can be read below.


Laptop Coolers generally have a fan in the middle fitted in a plastic casing. Laptop base rests on this casing with the fan in the middle so that the fan blows air through the ventilation. If the air circulation is proper there is no chance that the CPU temperature remains high. The fan on the cooler is USB powered that is it needs electricity which is supplied bu the machine via Universal Serial Hub. Nowadays laptop coolers are coming with inclined base to make the laptop not just lifted but also suitable for typing.


Antec Notebook Cooler apart have a proper incline to place the laptop at a position which acts as a stand holding perfect for typing. Apart from this it packs the USB wire within itself which makes it even better.


Laptop coolers are not gimmicks, they do work. In our testing we found a drop of about 10 degrees Celsius with the normal CPU temperature on using this laptop cooler. This Antec Notebook Cooler we tested is priced at Rs. 2200 but spending this amount on a laptop cooler depends on your usage and your laptop.

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