Honor 6X Battery Performance: A Smartphone Powerhouse

Smartphones serve as a great companion to us during the day and even night. We depend on our smartphones for various tasks like making calls, browsing social media accounts, capturing images and more. But what annoys most of the people, is that the battery life of their phones doesn’t last long enough. Honor comes to your rescue if you’re facing the same problem. Scroll down to learn about Honor 6X battery performance on general usage and find out whether it has enough juice to last for more than a day or not.

Honor 6X Battery Performance

The Honor 6X packs a 3340mAh battery which the company claims to survive for up to 2.15 days on moderate usage and around 1.5 days on heavy usage. But does this phone hold these claims true? We used the phone for a week and it did impress us with its battery life. We used it for general day-to-day usage while also browsing some websites, booking cabs, social media surfing, capturing images and a lot more. Despite serving us for the whole day, it was still left with some charge. And we are impressed with how easily it managed to survive for more than a day on a single charge.Icing on the cake is that it supports fast charging (5V/2A). So it charges pretty fast compared to some other devices in the same price range.

Under the hood, the phone packs an Octa-core Kirin 655 processor paired with Mali T830-MP2 GPU. The Kirin 655 SoC is based on 16 nm manufacturing process. The 6X is one of the few phones in the given price segment to come with 16 nm based chipset that optimizes the battery very well.

On the front, it features a 5.5-inch full HD display. EfficientKirin 655chipset and a full HD 5.5-inch screen do put some load on the battery, yet the 6X manages to offer long hours of battery life. If you are fond of watching videos and playing games, then 6X is certainly meant for you. The Honor 6X is a powerful beast that lets you enjoy seamless gaming, watch videos, capture your pristine moments, listen to your favourite tracks and run multiple apps simultaneously, that too without worryingabout its battery.


Although there are many smartphones available in the market with attractive features, what they fail to offer is a long lasting battery. With Honor 6X however; you wouldn’t have to worry about the battery life as it offers enough juice to keep the lights on for more than a day.

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