Legacy Of Leica: Camera That Reinvented Photography for Huawei

German camera and lens manufacturer, Leica is known for its expertise in the field of optics and photography for over 100 years. Leica is extremely popular among all demographics. From personal user to a professional user, Leica is relished by all due to its pioneering compactness and portability. The popularity of Leica has increased to the extent of giving it the status of an icon within the worlds of photography, art and style.

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Leica cameras are admired for their simplified point and shoot capabilities. They also feature monochrome and film modes for stunning photography. What makes Leica cameras so popular among the people? How Leica manages to deliver excellent quality cameras? How Leica achieves perfection in every camera that it builds? The reason why Leica cameras are revered is that every single Leica is crafted by hand. They undergo 60 quality control checks as well as a meticulous lens polishing process that Leica has perfected in house which makes them built for precision and durability.

In the past, Leica has partnered up with brands like Panasonic and Valbray to manufacture a series of devices ranging from digital cameras, video recorders to timepieces. By fusing quality craftsmanship with intuitive function, Leica naturally achieves a retro-chic aesthetic that its devoted fans love.

Huawei is now said to be bringing a new product to India which has been touted as a “co-engineered” model. In the forthcoming product, Huawei has worked with Leica to improve the quality of its cameras. This partnership is aimed at bringing better optics, stricter quality control and new lens technology to consumers. The new “co-engineered” model developed by Huawei and Leica combines the hardware of an iconic camera manufacturer with Huawei’s proprietary software.

Wondering which product would Huawei be bringing to India? We have come to know from our sources that Huawei is planning to bring a smartphone co-engineered with Leica. We expect it to be a high performance smartphone camera packed in a fantastic device. Huawei’s upcoming smartphone is likely to feature dual rear camera set up.

We are excited to see what product Huawei is planning to bring in the Indian market. Are you also curious to know? Let’s wait for a couple of days and we will see the result of collaboration between an iconic camera manufacturer with leading smartphone manufacturer Huawei.

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