Lenovo plans to roll out 60 new Smartphone in 2014

Lenovo is also following the Samsung foot step in terms of its marketing strategy. After Samsung, it’s Lenovo who is planning to roll out some odd 60 Smartphone device in this year in China and overseas.


According China based it.sohu.com, the company’s VP and China general manager for Mobile Business Group Zhang Hui said 50% of the models will support 4G and aims to sell 80M smartphones globally in 2014.

In recent half yearly, Lenovo has not introduce much device in the market. Hence, one can expect Lenovo to flood the second half of 2014 with some smart devices. A report states that upcoming Lenovo Smartphone devices to feature high-end specs with LTE support.

At the same time, Samsung is also planning to launch a 4G LTE device mainly tablet in India. So far the tablet market was capture by Apple and Samsung.

So far devices have turn out to be bottlenecks for 4G LTE. This would be interesting to see how various brands will turn out the game in telecom industry.

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