Opera Browser For Android Review

Opera Mini one of the mobile browser to be launched in the market by Opera Software group. Facts prove that Opera has always been the favorite alternate mobile browser by its consumers and even by the OEMs. Opera was known to be working on a rebuild with a complete UI overhaul and ditching the flash browser for webkit engine. They had also released a public beta to get people try out the new app, report bugs and performance so that they can improve and bring a stable browser for public release. Recently on 21st May 2013 the Opera Mobile finally updated to the new version with beta program running side-by-side for further upgrades. We got the beta version installed on our Android device and it looked promising so as soon as the app got its first public appearance we performed the upgrade and reviewed the application for you guys to know what’s up with the new Opera Mobile.


Opera might have always been confusing with their Opera Mini and Opera Mobile web browser but first of all let me make this clear. Opera Mini is the legacy web browser which is available across various platforms and is build upon flash and has gained its popularity by the inbuilt data compression algorithms whereas Opera Mobile is a full fledged mobile web browser following the same trends of data compression and adding some more necessary features to make it compete in the market.

Searching for Opera on Google Play store we get two results : Opera Mini web browser and Opera browser. We chose Opera browser which has got the recent update. The app installed quickly and was ready in a few mins which may vary for you depending on your download data transfer rate. The application size is 14.34 MB lower than any mobile web browser.


We tested the application on our Galaxy Grand and it loaded quickly asking for the initial setup. After the initial setup was complete the famous speed dial appeared on the screen so this haven’t been changed and should not after all this concept is now implemented on every other browser now.


As soon as the browser initiated we saw a change in the UI, unlike the previous version we saw a single address bar on the top with a opera button with all the preferences there. The design has been completely changed making it look like more of the browser we see usually. The webpage renders quickly implementing the data compression algorithms.

The below mentioned key features we agree are there on the new browser:

  • Totally new design interface, built from the ground up.
  • New Speed Dial implementation: the order of Speed Dials can be
    re-arranged, and it doubles as a bookmark manager.
  • Discover mode: to get hot new content, no browsing necessary.
  • Easy to access history mode, get to that page you saw earlier today,
  • Off Road mode: compression technology for demanding network conditions and
  • Combined search and address bar and tab management (scroll through open
    tabs, open private tab close all tabs).
  • Chromium based browser technology, which translates to even better website


Opera Mobile most favored alternate mobile browser just got even better with a massive update. The application is available free to download from the Google play store via . We suggest trying this browser once as it worth the effort which Opera Software group has put in. This has the potential to become one of the favorites on Android and we hope Opera will come up with something for other platforms as well.


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