How To Disable ‘Open in App’ Reddit Pop-Up On Your Smartphone

Reddit links are often shared on social media apps. However, they are accompanied by an annoying pop-up box. Read more to find How To Disable ‘Open in App’ Reddit Pop-Up On Your Smartphone

How To Disable 'Open in App' Reddit Pop-Up On Your Smartphone

Social media apps are used to share all kinds of memes, images, and information from different websites/ platforms. Reddit is one of the most popular discussion platforms.

However, when you visit Reddit on its mobile site, an ‘Open in app’ pop-up appears which can be quite annoying. Additionally, you can’t remove the pop-up by tapping on a close button.

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While the new dialogue box might be helping Reddit to grow its app downloads and users, it also restricts access to its website when browsing from a smartphone.

The Reddit dialogue box offers two options – ‘See Reddit in…’ the Reddit app (by tapping ‘Open’/ your mobile browser (by tapping the Continue button). If you don’t have the app, it takes you to the app store.

Now, you disable Reddit’s ‘Open in app’ pop-up forever from your mobile browser. Here’s how:

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How To Disable ‘Open in App’ Reddit Pop-Up On Your Smartphone

  • Go to Reddit’s mobile website/ link on your mobile browser
  • Now, you will see two options in the ‘Open in app’ pop-up
  • Then, hit the Continue button to remove it from the screen
  • Next, tap the three-line/ hamburger menu from the top-right corner of the page
  • Now, press the Settings option from the menu
  • Then, uncheck the box saying ‘Ask To Open In App’
  • That’s it!

Note: The above-mentioned trick will not work if you delete your browser history or visiting Reddit in incognito mode. If you clear your browser’s session cookies, the pop-up will continue to appear.

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