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Best Long Battery Life Smartphones In India

Rhetorically speaking, today the only thing our smartphone cannot do is to serve as an electric cook-top for making tea, the rest you say and our smartphone would easily accomplish. Be it watching TV on DTH apps, making video calls through Skype, listening n downloading music, watching videos on you tube, browsing social media accounts, receiving news updates, sending and receiving texts, making online money transfer, using maps to reach a destination, using the internet for an number things and last but not the least making and receiving traditional phone calls, our smartphone does everything.
So,does your smartphone offer the stupendous kind of battery life for above mentioned tasks? Many smartphones do not have good battery life and thus, the only worry most of us have when we leave our house is what percentage of battery is left in our smartphone and would it be enough till we reach back home or should we carry the charger along? Thus, in this post we have mentioned a list of best long battery life smartphones available in India which you can consider while buying a smartphone.

Best long battery life smartphones

OnePlus One Alternatives: What Smartphone You Should Buy?

OnePlus One, the critically acclaimed smartphone from a Chinese startup has launched in India this week. Apart from the beastly specifications, robust build quality and rock bottom price tag, one of the major selling point for the handset was its software suite i.e. Cyanogenmod, which is known for its extensive customization options and rich feature set devoid of any bloatware. However, Cyanogen’s unanticipated exclusive tie up with Micromax has created a problem for prospective OnePlus One customers. While it is yet to be seen how OnePlus will come up with a viable software alternative to Cyanogenmod, we present you a list of worthy OnePlus One alternatives you can buy.

OnePlus Alternatives