Tips: How To Choose The Right Smartphone

With a number of smartphone  makers in the Indian market with plethora of their smartphone offerings, it becomes difficult for many to choose the best. Smartphones have undoubtedly become vital part of our lives. They perform all the tasks that our computer is capable of doing. Besides, making calls, we can check our e-mails, listen to songs, watch movies, browse social media accounts and much more with our smartphones. But how can we navigate through the various options available in the  market and narrow down our search? Thus, before you go shopping for buying a handset, check out our post which will help you pick the best one. Read on to find out tips on How to choose the right smartphone.

How To choose the right smartphone

How To Choose The Right Smartphone

Following are the factors which you must keep in mind while shopping for a smartphone so that you choose the right one!

1. Budget

Budget is considered as the most important factor. Before you go for buying a handset, make sure you stick to the budget that you have decided since there are many expensive offerings in the market which might draw your attention and lure you to buy them. It is not necessary that an expensive handset will always come with better configuration and functions than an inexpensive smartphone. There are many Chinese handset manufacturers who have entered Indian smartphone market with their affordable and stylish smartphones which have mighty configuration and offer plethora of attractive features to the users.

2. Operating System

Different smartphones come with different operating systems like iOS, Android, Windows Phone to name a few. Android OS is usually seen in most of the phones from various brands while iOS runs only on Apple phones. Before you step out to buy a handset, learn about those operating systems which are available and decide which would suit you the best.

3. Processor & RAM

Having too many choices sounds good but at the same time it acts as a challenge when we have to choose one, from plenty of options available. Speaking about processors, there are variety of processors available on devices like single-core, dual-core, quad-core, octa-core. More processors are considered good but just like the budget factor, many processors on the smartphone doesn’t always mean that the phone will perform well and depends on a lot of other factors. iPhones are powered by dual-core processor and performs better than many quad-core phones available in the market. As for RAM, more RAM is always better.

4. Display

Display size for some is an important aspect, while for some it is the type of display which matters. In the market, you will listen jargons like qHD display, AMOLED display, full HD display and Apple’s proprietary Retina display etc. Buy the handset with good quality display which is readable even in sunlight. Also consider the resolution and pixel density of the device. To make it simple, always look for handset with higher resolution and pixel density.

5. Camera

Witnessing the selfie craze among customers, handset makers are coming up with great cameras on their devices. Earlier a VGA camera on a phone sounded great and now even the smartphones that come with high camera resolutions fail to impress customers. Go for good camera optics rather than higher resolution. Opt for handsets with camera featuring LED flash and BSI sensor.


Most handsets come with microSD card slot but there are many which lack expandability via microSD card and feature non expandable inbuilt storage. Apple phones usually miss out on expandable storage. Check out the maximum storage which a handset can offer while buying a phone if you are always in the need of memory for storing your stuff like documents, images and videos.

7. Battery

It is another crucial criteria to consider. Smartphone on one hand offer many great features and act as mini computer but most of them come with batteries which die out soon and do not survive for even a single day. Check out the battery capacity as well as the battery life it offers. The devices with more battery capacity are likely to offer great battery back up.

You will also see phones with user replaceable batteries or non removable battery. User replaceable battery phones are preferred because users can carry an extra battery while traveling and replace it when required. Users will also have the option to replace the battery when it gets degraded.

8. Connectivity

Earlier, even 2G or GPRS supporting handsets made us feel content for browsing various wesbites, e-mails etc., but now 3G and 4G phones have arrived to supersede them. If you need faster file sharing, seamless video or music straming then you must go for a handset supporting 4G LTE. Smartphones like Yu Yureka, Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G and Xolo LT2000 in the sub-Rs.10,000 range have changed the whole scenario. Buyers can now easily get 4G enabled handsets at affordable prices.

9. After Sales Service

Established giants like Apple and Samsung are known to offer great after sales service. So, if your are planning to buy a handset from some less known handset maker, make sure that it has service centres nearby which offer good service.

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