How To Find Wi-Fi Password On Android Phone

WiFi passwords are quite complicated and easily forgotten after a while. Let us help you retrieve one in easy steps. Read more to find about How To Find Wi-Fi Password On Android Phone

How To Find Wi-Fi Password On Android Phone

Most wireless routers come with a simple default password. While you ar esupposed to change it, most peopel don’t. Once cnnected, this psssword is easily forgotten after a while.

A password manager is a great way to remember all your different passwords for various services. This way you don’t have to risk using same password everywhere. However, if you forget any we have a simiple solution.

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Wi-Fi passwords are often stored in the network and internet settings on your phone or laptop. You can check these stored passwords for any Wi-Fi network you’ve connected to before.

For devices running Android version 10 or newer, you can check the password for any Wi-Fi network pretty easily. Here’s how:

How To Find Wi-Fi Password On Android Phone

  • Open Settings, and tap Network & internet.
  • Next, tap Internet or type Wi-Fi into the Settings search field.
  • Then, tap the gear icon next to your Wi-Fi network. You can also scroll down and tap Saved networks to choose the network you want to check.
  • Now, tap Share.
  • Next, you might need to provide your fingerprint, PIN, or other authentication method.
  • The, you should see the password.
  • That’s it!

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Smartphones running unrooted Android 9 and earlier can’t display Wi-Fi passwords or generate QR codes to share a Wi-Fi network. Also, for rooted devices you will need to download third-party apps like Wi-Fi Password Viewer.

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