Here’s All We Think We Know About The iPhone 8

The Apple iPhone is the smartphone industry’s biggest icon today. Whatever happens to an iPhone makes headlines. From Bendgate to the upcoming iPhone’s name, you are a Google search away from flooding yourself with iPhone info. However, no matter how big of an icon it is, as a smartphone, it is an important device. The iPhone is the reason why Android is so good as an OS. You will have to read about Android’s history to know that. Keeping this to the point, the iPhone is a big deal. Apple is expected to bring a major redesign on the iPhone’s 10th anniversary. Read more to find about Apple iPhone 8 Price, Specifications, and Features

Apple iPhone 8

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Apple iPhone 8 Price In India

iPhone 8 Price (expected) Rs 80,000 (128GB)

The new iPhone is already expected to be the most expensive iPhone till date. Considering the fact that iPhone 7 and 7 Plus prices range from Rs 60,000 – Rs 92,000, the iPhone 8’s price is not that staggering. After all, Apple is reportedly bringing features like OLED with Touch ID, 3D sensing technology, and wireless charging.

One important thing to note here is that reports suggest there will be the regular iPhones too. So, if there are iPhone 7S and 7S Plus, it will make no sense for Apple to offer the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus in multiple storage variants. Our best guess in such a case is that Apple will sell the iPhone 8 twins in the 128GB guise.

Apple iPhone 8 Launch Date in India

Launch Date (expected) Mid-November/Early December 2017

The launch date of the new iPhone has been pushed back, it is being said. The reason for the delay is significant hardware upgrades, whatever that means. The international launch of the iPhone 8 is expected to take place in November as a result. Since India is a big market for Apple, it may not deny us the iPhone 8 for long.

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Apple iPhone 8 Specifications

Specifications Apple iPhone 8
Processor A11 Fusion with M11 Motion co-processor
Internal Storage 128GB
Display Size 5.8-inch Retina HD, OLED, 16:9 aspect ratio
OS iOS 11
Primary (Rear) Camera Dual, 16-megapixel with flash
Front Camera 8-megapixel
Battery N/A
Dual SIM No

A lot is known about the iPhone 8. Most of it has to do with the phone’s specifications. Apple never reveals the hardware specs of iPhone. However, some details are still up for discussion. One such detail is the move towards AR. The horizontally aligned dual rear cameras of the iPhone 7 Plus are said to be replaced with a vertically aligned dual camera setup on the iPhone 8. This hints at an important step towards Augmented Reality (AR). A vertical setup is more effective when the handset is used in a landscape orientation.

Design & Display

Apple shifting to OLED display technology from LCDs for iPhone’s display. An 18:9 ratio OLED screen will offer brighter, vivid colors along with lower battery consumption. The iPhone 8 is expected to have a much larger screen though, thanks to the absence of a Home Button. An under display fingerprint scanner is likely to be included. Qualcomm has officially announced the new Advanced Fingerprint Scanning and Authentication Technology. The addition of this latest technology will keep iPhone 8 ahead of the competition.

The front of the device might be almost all display with little space for a camera and sensors on top. Multiple design leaks suggest that the upcoming iPhone will sport a 5.8-inch display (up from 4.7-inch iPhone 7). The notifications are likely to switch to a new ‘Function Area’ in iOS 11.

According to latest speculation, the upcoming iPhone 8 might fall somewhere between the iPhone 7 and the 7 Plus. Reportedly, the new iPhone 8 will measure 143.59 x 70.94 x 7.57mm, which is slightly larger than the iPhone 7 [138.3 x 67.1 x 7.1mm]. It will also be thicker than the iPhone 7 Plus which measures 158.2 x 77.9 x 7.3mm. The iPhone 8 will feature a new glass chassis as result of the wireless charging feature.

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Apple iPhone 8 Features

  • OLED display
  • Fingerprint scanner under Screen/On the back
  • iOS 11
  • Glass build
  • Dual rear cameras
  • Under display 3D Camera
  • Facial Recognition
  • USB Type-C
  • Wireless Charging
  • Lightning port

Take this list as more of our wish list from the upcoming iPhone 8. In the absence of any details about the phone, it becomes difficult to pinpoint the changes that may come to iPhone 8. However, there are certain changes which are more likely to happen than others. These include a price hike. While the rumored price tag of $1000 seems too much for a phone, the new features should be taken into consideration too. More advanced features will come at a price, despite the competition in the market. Also, Apple has never been shy to demand its own price for its products.

Another change that seems unavoidable is Wireless charging. Owing to the removal of 3.5mm jack, and negative reception of Air Pods, the company that brought iPods has to come up with a way that allows its users to enjoy music even while charging. Users can’t be expected to pay so much and still compromise. And since the wireless charging technology is already in use, this one seems like a no-brainer. Recently, an iPhone assembler confirmed that the new features in iPhone 8 like waterproof and wireless charging require some different testing.

However, certain changes like 128GB variant being the base iPhone 8 model seem far-fetched. It’s one of those decisions that will affect a large customer base. Despite several rumors, Apple is unlikely to drop Lightning ports for USB Type-C. Also, the Air Pods are still likely to be shipped separately. Only time will tell in this regard.

Stay tuned to this space as keep updating it with the latest on the iPhone 8. (Last Updated on July 17, 2017)

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