Aircel introduces cheaper 3G data plans

After the other network operators like BSNL and Reliance, now Aircel also joined the battle of reducing 2G and 3G data tariff plans. This time Aircel launched two new packs for its users in 11 Circles. Two plans are named PI 27 and PI 128. 11 Circles are Delhi, Mumbai, Rajasthan, Madyapradesh, Kolkata,, West Bengal, Chennai, Tamil Naidu, Orissa, Karnataka, Andrapradesh.

PI27 Plan gives you unlimited 3G/2G data for one week. And PI128 plan gives you 1GB or 1.5GB 3G/2G data as mention in the table that depends on your circle. Its quite interesting to see that Aircel is offering 1GB of data where it has won 3G spectrum and its offering 1.5GB of data where it don’t have 3G coverage.

 Aircel introduces cheaper 3G data plans


Price points

Delhi PI 29 PI 134 (1GB)
Mumbai PI 28 PI 129 (1.5GB)
Rajasthan PI 29 PI 128 (1.5 GB)
RoM PI 28 PI 128 (1.5GB)
Kolkata PI 27 PI 128 (1GB)
RoWB PI 27 PI 128 (1GB)
Chennai PI 29 PI 128 (1GB)
RoTN PI 29 PI 128 (1GB)
Orissa PI 27 PI 128 (1GB)
Karnataka PI 37 PI 198 (1.5GB)
AP PI 37 PI 197 (1.5GB)


Its too good that these companies are making internet data plans uniform for their customers. Before it BSNL launched uniform data packs for its prepaid 2G and 3G customers.BSNl

BSNL 2G and 3G prepaid data plans

MRP. Bundled Data Validity (in Days)
17 100 MB 3
39 240 MB 7
78 500 MB 15
98 700 MB 21
139    1 GB 30
251    2 GB 30

Reliance 3G prepaid plans

MRP. Bundled Data Validity (in days)
18 175 MB 3
27 250 MB 7
51 500 MB 14
98 1 GB 2
123 1 GB 30
246 2 GB 30


3G cheapest plan

Aircel introduces cheaper 3G data plans

Todays 123 and 246 plans of reliance are the cheapest 3G plans that are so much popular between users. And also Reliance is doing so much advertisement regarding these plans. But the only thing that makes these plans limited is that you can not use these plans on your 3G dongle , if you do so your 3G data balance will get the lapse. so keep in mind that you can use these two plans on your smartphone only.


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