Apple Announces iOS 10, WatchOS3 & More At WWDC 2016

At the WWDC 2016 event, Apple has made a slew of major announcements including iOS 10 and WatchOS3. The iOS10 update for iPhones and iPads and Watch OS3 update for Apple Watch will come with numerous upgrades and improvements over the previous updates.

The iOS 10 software update brings major improvements such as redesigned Maps, Photos, Home app as well as facial, object and scene recognition features. Read on to find more details.

iOS 10

Here are some major upgrades that iOS 10 brings with it:

  • Numerous iMessages apps will be made available to users enabling them to use integrations such as stickers, payments and more. Users will be able to access these apps without leaving message app. Besides, the message app has now become more advanced as it will offer several other features as well such as animations, invisible ink- to send a message which is only displayed after a friend swipes over it, emoji suggestions- automatic suggestions to replace words with emoji, tapback feature that lets users draw and annotate messages, and more.
  • The Apple Music app has also been upgraded with a redesigned interface that brings tabs like Library, Browse and Radio to the bottom.
  • Apple News will also come with a redesigned interface. Subscriptions and a new lock screen notifications for breaking news have also been added.
  • iOS 10 also comes with a new Home app that lets users control HomeKit devices from a single place. This app lets users turn on lights, unlock doors and even raise the window shades.
  • The virtual assistant Siri has also been improved. It will now be available with native keyboard with intelligent suggestions. Siri, now also has the ability to pull up contact information. Siri will now also be available to app developers.
  • Maps app has been redesigned and is open to developers. Users can use services like Lyft and Uber to book a cab, without leaving the Maps app.
  • Photos app has also been revamped. The Photos app will now automatically bring your favorite and forgotten occasions to Memories. Memories will group people, places and things in your images into albums with facial, object and scene recognition.
  • Raise to Wake feature has been added which will wake up your iPhone to check notifications by simply picking it up.
  • Apps like Calendar, Weather and Stocks will support 3D touch.
  • iOS 10 will come with Multilingual typing feature to allow users to type in two languages at the same time without switching between keyboards.

The WatchOS3 is said to be more faster compared to the previous version and comes with a lot of upgrades such as instant launch feature that launches apps seven times faster than the previous OS. It comes with a Control Center that lets users to quickly access frequently used toggles. The Dock feature allows quick access to favorite apps.

The Apple Watch users will now also get Scribble feature that has handwriting support and translates what users have scribbled into words. It also comes with SOS feature so that users can communicate quickly using side button, in emergency situations. Apple has also launched an app called Breathe which will help users to cope up with stress by reminding them to deep breath.

While the iOS 10 and WatchOS3 developer preview are now available to iOS Developer Program members, the public beta will be released later this fall.

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