How To Boost Volume On Your Smartphones and Tablets

Modern smartphones and tablets are sleeker than ever before. While most new mobile devices are backed by powerful configuration, they continue to lack in certain areas. One such segment is the volume. Most smartphone manufacturers haven’t been able to nail the speakers. The real trouble arises crowded places like airports, shopping malls, etc. Let us help you boost your device’s volume. Read more to find about How To Boost Volume On Your Smartphones and Tablets

How To Boost Volume On Your Smartphones and Tablets

Adjust Settings

The obvious step is to maximize the potential of your smartphone or tablet. Just head to the Setting menu and start moving the volume sliders. Make sure volume is turned up to the max in different audio sections – ringtone, notifications/alerts, system, alarm, media, etc. Next, poke around for additional adjustment options such as equalizer or sound effects.

Use Volume Boosting App

If you phone settings are already maxed out, a third party app might help. There are many options available in Google Play and the App Store. All you need to do is install these apps and boost your device’s volume.

Many third-party apps come with comprehensive features like multi-band equalizer adjustment, audio presets, bass boost, speaker/headphones settings, etc. You can also use media player apps which come with built-in volume-enhancing features. Also, you can easily organize your music library with these apps.

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Know Your Device

Find the location of speakers on your devices and reposition to maximize output. While some devices have speakers at the bottom edge, many smartphones feature a speaker grill on the back. Make sure your speaker grill is not blocked in any way. If the speaker is on the back, put it face down or lean it up against something hard.

You can also use some DIY tricks like placing your device in a bowl or large cup. This can easily enhance your smartphone/tablets’ volume. Certain stands/docks are also designed to redirect and channel sound.

Use Better Accessories

Be especially careful with the protective cases. Many such cases are not designed for optimal audio flow. There are few options in the market that offer sound amplification features. Protective cases like Speck CandyShell Amped or Poetic TurtleSkin come with built-in channels that redirect and amplify the sound waves. However, such cases are only available for limited brands.

Portable speakers and earbuds can easily solve the volume issues. An additional speaker can offer better volume levels without compromising quality. Whereas earbuds are easier to carry and convenient to use. Also, you get additional privacy. If you need additional power to drive speakers or headphones, you can also use a portable DAC AMP to boost sound and improve quality.

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While the above-mentioned tricks can help you boost your smartphone/tablet volume, there are few things you should keep in your mind. For example, the audio quality drops significantly after a certain volume level. Also, pushing your speakers too much can cause some damage. Additionally, use apps and widgets from trustworthy/reputable sources.

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