How to Childproof Your Android Smartphone or Tablet

Smartphones and tablets have become an essential part of modern life. Since they are always with us, it is hard to keep the kids away from these devices. However, apart from games and videos, the modern phones also carry a lot of content which might be unsuitable for kids. Even if you maintain your smartphone, the internet access is hard to monitor. However, such problems can be easily avoided by childproofing your device. You need to worry about accidental downloads or in-app purchases. Read more to find about How to Childproof Your Android Smartphone or Tablet

How to Childproof Your Android Smartphone or Tablet

Putting up a lock on your smartphone/ tablet will stop your kids from accessing these devices without your knowledge. You can use a safe PIN or password to do so. However, this might not work all the time. It is hard to monitor everything a child does on a device after its unlocked. Here are few other ways to childproof your Android smartphone or tablet:

Create a New User on Your Device

You can easily setup a separate account for kids. You can even make different profiles for different kids. Just go to settings and scroll down to ‘Users’ button. In this options, choose ‘Add user or profile.’ Once a dialogue window pops up, select ‘Restricted Profile’ to create a new user. This option will offer limited access to the device.

Next, a new window will allow you to select apps on the device. You can allow/disallow access to almost every app including the Chrome browser and Google app. By just selecting just an app or game your kids to use, you can turn your smartphone/tablet into a simple gaming device.

Additionally, Android allows you to tailor the content to your kid via age-based settings. For example, you can restrict media access in Google Movies and TV, based on ratings. You can even uncheck ‘Allow unrated content’ to avoid mistakes.

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Use Google Play’s Parental Controls Option

With your device in the hands of kids, you might end up with multiple downloads or in-app purchases. Luckily, Google Play allows you to restrict downloads from the store. The restrictions include movies, music, books, and apps.

Just launch the Google Play app, go to the menu section (by sliding your finger from the left edge of the screen toward the middle of the display). In ‘Settings’,
scroll down and select ‘Parental controls’. You will need a 4-digit password to turn on Parental controls.

Now, you can navigate through various sections to enable restrictions. This option allows you to restrict adult content. You can also choose the standardized age restrictions.

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Use Third-Party Apps

Some external apps also allow you to childproof your Android device. These apps can easily limit the usage time on the smartphone/tablet. You can also restrict websites. Here are few apps you can try:

  • Screen Time Parental Control – It allows you to control the amount of time your kids spend on a smartphone or tablet.
  • Applock – This app lets you lock almost any app or feature on your device. You can lock individual apps, photos, Google Play, and even phones calls.
  • Kids Place Parental Control – This app is aimed at people with toddlers in the house. It limits the screen to only certain apps. This stops them from accidentally messing up your device.

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