6 Common Mistakes Many Smartphone Owners Make

Almost everyone of us owns a smartphone and if you own a smartphone, you probably use it for many tasks like making calls, sending messages, capturing images, browsing our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, making online transactions and much more. We save our crucial information, personal data, images on our handsets but do we take proper measures to protect our device? There are many smartphone owners who use their handsets carelessly. Here we have listed 6 common mistakes which you might also be making on your Android or iOS phone. Read on to find ways to stop repeating those mistakes which you might be doing now.

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6 Common Mistakes Many Smartphone Owners Make

Mentioned below are the common mistakes which many people who own smartphones make.

1. Not Setting Pass Code Lock

We save log-in id’s and passwords of our social media accounts, confidential banking information, images and much more on our smartphones. We must protect all such data from falling into someone else’s hands  by setting up a password on our phones. There are variety of lock options available on handsets these days. Users can put a simple pass code lock or a pattern lock. Nowadays, devices even come equipped with fingerprint sensors which offer more security of the device.

2. Not Enabling Find My Phone

Even if we our phone has been lost, there remains some hope that we will get it back, but only if you have enabled Find my phone feature on your handset. We often ignore such important features. Enabling such a feature will help you locate your device even if it is misplaced. You can also lock your smartphone remotely if you have the feature enabled on your device.

3. Ignoring Updates

Many updates come with better security options, battery improvement etc. Make sure you turn automatic updates on. Some updates however need to be updated manually so keep a track of the updates and update them as and when new updates arrive.

4. Saving Online Transaction Details

Making banking transactions through our smartphone is pretty easy but we must not choose convenience over safety. We save all our banking details for making transactions on our handsets which must be kept secure. One common mistake which we do is to remain logged in to our banking accounts online which is not a good practice. Also, avoid entering your banking details on websites in browser, make use of the apps instead. Apps are considered safer but they must be downloaded from trusted sources.

5. Smartphone Cases

Keeping your device in cases is considered as good but the cases must be genuine and must be purchased from authentic sources. Cheap cases or covers cause harm to your smartphone instead of protecting them. Such cases gets easily broken, heated up and do not protect the phone against dust and dirt properly. A good accessory will cost you more but it will also be worth by being more durable and protective.

6. Overlooking Permissions

Many apps ask for our permissions which we ignore carelessly. Giving permissions about using location, passwords might prove to be troublesome. Keep a check on which app is asking for which permissions. Avoid giving permissions to unfamiliar apps.

Although the points mentioned above will require bit of your attention and time but we hope you will not keep repeating the mistakes on your smartphone. Stay tuned with us for more updates!

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