D-Link DSL 2750U ADSL2+ WiFi N300 Wireless Router Unboxing and Features Overview

Choosing a perfect router for your choice can be difficult sometimes. Even we get confused to choose between this wide variety of devices. Recently we bought a modem-cum-router with 3G dongle connectivity at a good price point. The D-Link DSL 2750U ADSL2+ WiFi 300 Mbps router which looks like a good router looking at specs on paper so let’s see how good it is.

D-Link DSL 2750U


Generally it is observed that modems or routers have a mesh on the top for ventilation which turns out to be a source for dust intake because of the dust settling down. This D-Link model solves this problem by providing a ventilation grill on the side. The top has a glossy finish with the LED notification lights. It has a fairly decent build and is light weighted which seems to the optimum conditions for a router.


It has 4 LAN ports, one USB port for connecting 3G dongle, one RJ 45 port, one RJ 11 port and one input for power adapter. IT supports hard reset via a reset key located at the back. Along with this it has WPS protection and supports 802.11 b/g/n. It runs on 2.4-2.484 Ghz with wireless speed up to 300 Mbps.


Alike every other router it too has a firmware which is obviously by D-Link. How interactive this software is we shall detail in the complete review. From the basic setup, I could say it was pretty easy just plug and its working. It has a software disk along with it which is recommended to install as it contains some packages to monitor data health.


D-Link DSL 2750U is available from Flipkart at a price of Rs. 2,250 with a 3 year warranty and should be nearly the same on other ecommerce websites as well.


It is too early to comment on anything but I would sum this post saying that it definitely is cheap. We are getting 3G dongle support with 300mbps and dual antennas for Rs. 2,250. If thats not what you think cheap then you better start looking for an other option because we think it is the best you can get for the money.

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