Finger Fit And Fabulous- Making The Most Of Your Touch Based Device

The Journey

Remember the Star Trek series where everything was out of the box and computers were just out of the world with tablets controlling the spaceships and all the important functions like communications etc. Today’s touch based tablets and convertible computers which simply respond to your touch and gestures and understand your commands so intuitively makes the Star Trek come to life. This journey started with the era of personal computing in the 1980s when computers started to appear on desks of homes. The convertible and touch laptops takes it to another level by adding the versatility of using the device like a tablet or a full blown laptop when needed.


Making The Most Of Touch Based Devices

The most useful, productive and fun ways of using your touch device are only limited by your imaginations. Some of the most useful ways which we find are as below:

Learn With Fun

Touch devices (tabs and touch laptops) are not only great for work, but also for learning. Educational videos, games and apps for kids make it all the more useful.

Entertainment On The Go- Carry Your Books And Videos With You

Never feel bored on a long commute with your favorite books, videos loaded on your Touch Screen device which you can use while you commute.

Perfect Presentation Companion

Tablets or Touch PCs are one of the most impressive ways of delivering a presentation on a one-on-one meeting when you can show all the content with all the control at your fingertips. It brings you one step closer to signing the deal.

Multiplayer Gaming

Lets not forget, we also have a personal life where we love to play games. Multiplayer games on a touch device like hockey, boxing etc. are not only thrilling, but also relax our mind.

Perfect Internet Companion

Touchscreens and Internet Browsing is like a match made in heaven. Its very intuitive to browse through tons of text, images and scrolling though videos on a touch device. You would hardly feel the need to use a full blown computer for Internet after you start using a tab or touchscreen device.

Unleash The Artist In You

Do you have an artist inside you which is looking to paint a canvas with its creativity? There are lot of apps on touch devices which let you scribble, sketch and paint without getting your hands dirty. So go ahead and draw, paint and sketch on your touch device.

Special Applications- Aviation, Navigation, Music Creation, Guitar Tuning

The possibilities are endless with tabs being used by music artists to tune guitars & mix music. They are being used by pilots for in-flight data monitoring, for navigation etc. They are used by doctors and medical professionals to share medical data. Industries like logistics, warehousing, retail are all moving to touch devices for their ease of use and portability!

I end this blog by repeating that “Possibilities are Endless With Touch Devices!”

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