Facebook Messenger 4 Rolled Out With Simplified Navigation, Dark mode

Facebook has launched a new version of a standalone messaging app. The new Facebook Messenger 4 is an essentially a simplified version of its predecessors. The social media giant admitted that too many features were piling up in the Messenger app. The redesigned version features three tabs instead of nine. New features include a Dark mode. Read more to find about Facebook Messenger 4 Features

Facebook Messenger 4

The messaging app comes with multiple options. Along with simple messaging and sharing options, Facebook Messenger allows users to make video calls, send money, etc. The much-anticipated Messenger 4 update focuses on simplifying the messaging experience by removing some of the clutter from the past.

The new version of the smartphone app features three tabs instead of nine – Chats, People, and Discovery. It allows users to navigate between their conversations and stories/ contacts. While the one-to-one and group conversations are now combined into a single Chats tab., the ‘Discovery’ segment is devoted to games and exchanges with businesses.

The Messenger 4 has a simplified its navigation and revamping the entire bottom tab menu. A new Camera button has been added on the top right of this menu. It allows you to easily share photos/ videos with your friends and family.

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Additionally, the new version allows you to personalize conversations with custom nicknames, emojis, and chat colors. You can also create a cool OLED dark mode with custom chat bubble colors. While this feature is limited to the specific chat you’re in, you can manually theme every chat with the dark mode.

The simplified messaging app still retains all its old features. You can easily connect with your friend/ family in different ways. This includes poll among friends, sharing live location, or challenging them to your favorite games. You can also engage in a group video chat.

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The Facebook Messenger was first rolled out seven years ago. It currently has 1.3 billion monthly global users. With the new redesign, the social network is ‘going back to its roots.’ “We build one feature after another; they’re piling up,” said Stan Chudnovsky, Messenger chief.

Facebook Messenger has been positioned as a tool for businesses. It allows them to efficiently handle customer questions or concerns. While the app is free-to-use, businesses can also pay for Facebook ads that allow customers to start a conversation or visit their page with one click.

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The Facebook Messenger 4 is free to download from the App Store. It will begin rolling out globally in the coming weeks.

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