Google Play Reduces Minimum Purchase Price For Apps To Rs. 10 In India

Google has announced reduction in minimum purchase price for apps and in-app products on Google Play store from Rs. 50 to Rs. 10. While the minimum price for purchasing apps was Rs. 50 previously, Android users can now download apps from Google Play store for a price as low as Rs. 10. With this move, the company aims to provide more flexibility to users and developers community in India.

It will attract wider audience in the country and Android users will certainly spend more money on purchasing apps and in-built purchases. Besides making apps more affordable to the users, this move will help the company generate more revenue.

Google Play store

“India continues to be a major growth opportunity for developers to reach new users on Google Play. We’ve received feedback from our global developer community and today we are offering them more flexibility to choose how much to charge for their apps and games in India. Starting today, developers in India will be able to price their apps and in app products as low as Rs 10,” said Alistair Pott, Product Manager, Google Play in a blog post.

Developers can also change the prices of their apps and in-app items. Those developers who want to change the price of their apps or-in app items on Google Play store can do so by selecting an app and clicking Pricing & Distribution or In-app Products in Developer Console. From here, developers can change the price to as low as Rs. 10.

“We hope that with this change, they will be able to acquire new paying users and drive overall monetization,” he added.

Last month, in July 2015, Apple also reduced prices of its apps allowing developers to charge Rs. 10 for iOS apps on Apple store.

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