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Amazon Launches A Low-Storage Consuming Android Browser For India

American e-commerce and cloud company Amazon has quietly released a new lite web browser for Android smartphones, called the Internet. In Google Play Store, it has been described as “lighter than the competition”. The app has been designed to consume less space on a device. It comes under 2MB in size and covers up to just 26MB of storage space in a device. The company claims, that the browser offers private user experience by not asking any additional permissions like other browsers to collect data. The browser is available for download via Google Play. It is compatible with smartphones running Android 5.0 Marshmallow and above.

Amazon Launches A Low-Storage Consuming Android Browser For India

Google Play Protect Roll Out Begins – All You Need To Know

Google Play Protect Now Feature is now being rolled out to Android Devices. It can be found in security settings. The search giant announced its Google Play Protect feature at Google I/O earlier this year. The Play Protect card is soon expected to show up in Google Play. Worried about malicious applications with hidden malware. Google has a new solution. Read more to find about Google Play Protect Feature

Google Play Protect