Here’s How To Fix Your Water Damaged Smartphone

Not everyone of us owns a waterproof smartphone. Also, no one likes to spend huge amount of money to get their water damaged smartphones fixed. If you are one of those people who has accidentally dropped a smartphone in water, then we are here to help you. Read on to find out simple steps to fix your water damaged smartphone if it has dropped in water or drenched in the rain.

How To Fix Your Water Damaged Smartphone

How To Fix Your Water Damaged Smartphone

Follow the steps listed below to make your water damaged smartphone to function well again.

1. Grab Your Smartphone

Once your smartphone is dropped in water, take it out as soon as possible from the water. Do not let the device stay in water for long. It might save your handset from severe damage. Longer your phone stays in water, more likely it is to get damaged.

2. Turn It Off

Switch your smartphone off even if you see it working. Turning it off will prevent short circuit in the device due to contact of water with electrical circuits.

3. Remove The Back Panel & Peripherals

Remove the rear panel as well as battery, SIM cards and MicroSD cards and keep it on a dry towel or paper so that the water can be soaked. Use a dry towel to remove water.

4. Do Not Blow Dry It

Using blow dryer to dry your water damaged smartphone can cause further harm to your smartphone. The dryer might push the moisture inward instead of removing it from the device.

5. Rice and Silica

Rice and silica are good source of absorbing moisture. You can fill a bowl with uncooked rice and place your smartphone in it. You can also put some silica packets in a bag and put your phone inside it. (Silica packets are often found with new shoes, handbags and more).

6. Put It In Sunlight

It is also advisable to put your smartphone in sunlight to remove water from it. The heat from sunlight will let all the water evaporate from the device.

7. Turn It On

Once you you are finished with all steps listed above, turn your device on to see if the damage has been fixed.

8. Contact Authorized Dealer

In nothing mentioned above works well to fix your water dropped smartphone function well, its time to take your smartphone to authorized dealer.

We suggest you to take some measures to protect your smartphone this monsoon from water damage. You can keep the device in a protective case to save it from water damage.

Do you have any other way to fix a water damaged smartphone? We would like to hear from you. Share your views with us in the comments section below!

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