How To Shoot Good Videos On Your Smartphone

Shooting videos is quite easy these days. Just take out your smartphone and press that ‘Red Button’. However, more often than not the quality of the final video doesn’t match our expectations. Your smartphone need not have 4K recording capabilities to record a decent video. All you have to do is pay attention to a few details before you start recording. Read more to find How To Shoot Good Videos On Your Smartphone

How To Shoot Good Videos On Your Smartphone

Shoot horizontal

The vertical videos tend to miss out the entire action happening in the scene. Also, the vertical format is not a good choice if you want to watch your videos on a laptop or TV monitor. Humans are used to a horizontal, wide frames. While shooting a video keep your smartphone horizontal to avoid distracting black bars on both sides.

Keep it steady

One of the biggest advantages smartphones have over bigger cameras is their weight. Most smartphones are light enough for you to easily hold them steady for long durations. If the video still looks shaky, try using both hands. You can lock your elbows into your body for extra stability. Avoid unnecessary movements or sudden jolts for a smooth video. If you have to get close, move along with the smartphone. Remember, any movement in your whole upper body will be reflected in the video.

Avoid digital zoom

The digital zoom feature reduces the quality of the image drastically. Just move as close to your subject as you can.

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Use classic compositions

Certain patterns in nature are universally recognized. Applying such rules of composition in your videos will help you to draw viewer’s attention towards the subjects of your choice. There’s something about a simple ‘rule of thirds’ that appeals to everyone. Start with it and explore further.

How To Shoot Good Videos On Your Smartphone

Most camera apps offer an option to activate a grid which can be used to implement the ‘rule of thirds’. All you have to do is place your subject around the intersection points. If the video mode doesn’t offer this feature, click a picture before recording video to frame a shot.

Mind the light

When shooting videos or photos, light can be a huge advantage or disadvantage. It is harder to manage light in videos than still photos. Move around to find a good angle. While shooting outdoors, don’t shoot into the sun. Use an angle where the sun is lighting the entire scene.

Use manual settings

You don’t want the exposure and focus to jump around randomly. Use manual settings (if possible) as much as you can. Before you start shooting, activate the AE (Auto Exposure) Lock function. When moving close or far from an object, set the focus manually.

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Know your device

Before you start shooting, mess around with the smartphone settings and know what your smartphone is capable of. It is better to know your limitations as they force you to be more creative. Also, be aware of the storage and battery capacity to avoid regrets.

Remove Audio

If your smartphone doesn’t record good audio or the noise levels in your surroundings are too high, it is better to get rid of the audio altogether. Bad audio can ruin any well-shot video. If you are recording someone talking, find a location with little noise and shield the mic to avoid wind noises. You can also use an external mic.


It is better to shoot multiple shorter videos and cut them together rather than a single unedited video. It allows you to capture the overall scene in a better way. There are many apps which allow you edit videos on your smartphone. You can also make funny GIFs from your footage.

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The best way to improve is not repeating mistakes. Share your videos with your friends or on social media. However, use the feedback positively. You can use several smartphone accessories to pump up your video qualities. A smartphone tripod or Rode SmartLav microphone are great tools for regular Vloggers. Do you know any tricks which help you to capture better videos? Let us know in the comments section below.

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