How To Speed Up Your Android Phone: 6 Essential Tips

From checking our e-mails to browsing our social media accounts, playing games, listening to music and browsing internet, we rely on our smartphones and expect it to perform all functions at the blink of our eye. But what if our Android powered phone has slowed down in performance? What if your apps are taking longer time to launch? What if switching between screens is taking longer on your Android phone? You don’t have to worry for that. It does happen with most of us. If your smartphone is functioning slow, we are here to help you to fix your slow phone running on Android. All you need to do is to tweak certain things on your device. Read on to learn how to speed up your Android phone in 6 simple ways.

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6 Essential Tips On How To Speed Up Your Android Phone

Follow the simple ways listed below to improve the performance of your Android powered smartphone within few minutes!

1. Remove Unused/Unwanted Apps

If there are some unused or unwanted apps on your device then you must delete them. It often happens that we download apps and games and after using them once or twice, we forget that they even exist in our device. So removing such unused apps which are taking your phone’s memory unnecessarily is a good practice to improve the performance of your phone.

2. Clear Cached Data

Most of the apps on our device require cached data to smoothen their operations and are intelligent enough to know when to clean the cache. But there are some apps which require cache to be cleaned manually. You can go to the setting in your device and clean cache for individual apps. Alternatively, there are many free apps available in Play store for the same. You can download any of these apps like Cache Cleaner to clean the cache on all your apps at once. The cache will return when you will use any app again, you can tap on the Auto Clean function of the Cache Cleaner app which will automatically take care of your cache data. Clearing up the cached data on your device will not only improve the performance of your device but also it will save you a lot of storage space.

3. Turn-off Live Wallpapers

Live or animated wallpapers make your phone’s display attractive but they consume a lot of phone’s power and slow down the device. Avoid putting live wallpapers on your screen as much as possible. This will help your Android phone run smoothly. Adding too many widgets on your home screen may also bring some lag in the performance of your device. Try to keep as less widgets as possible.

4. Keep Sufficient Storage On Your Device

If you keep the storage on your device full, then this is the high time that you start doing something about it. You must keep sufficient storage on your device.

You can move the apps to external memory or SD card if your phone supports one or on your PC, rather than saving them on your Android phone’s internal storage. Keeping the data on your PC is preferable as it will save you from losing data while formatting the phone. It will also leave some free space in the SD Card due to which your Android phone will not suffocate and will perform faster. You can also move your files to cloud storage services like DropBox or Google Drive.

5. Turn-off Apps Running In Background

Multi-tasking on the device between several apps makes our work easy but it actually impacts the performance of the device. Turning off all such apps running in the background will help device perform faster. Furthermore, always remember to close the application using back key and not the home key. When you press the home key, the app keeps running in the background which not only slows down the device but also chews up more battery juice. You can also launch task manager on your Android phone and close the unwanted apps which are running in background.

6. Factory Reset Your Phone

This is probably the last option which you can take. If you have tried every option listed above but the performance of your Android phone failed to improve, then you can opt for factory reset of your device. It will take your phone back to the original condition it was in when it was first unboxed. This step will erase everything from your device. Make sure you back up your important information like passwords, contacts, images etc. saved on your device before taking up this step.

We would like to know what impact does these tips brought to the performance of your phone. Let us know your views in the comments below.

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