11 Tips To Boost Battery Life Of Your iPhone & Android Phone

Nowadays smartphone users are hooked on to their phones 24×7. Right from sending and receiving text messages or e-mails, chatting on WhatsApp, taking pictures and posting on Facebook or Instagram, tweeting stuff, making video calls and what not, smartphones are used for everything. However, for doing all this and much more with your smartphone, the prerequisite is a good battery life. People expect their devices to run for entire day, once they have got 100% battery charge. Perhaps this is not what actually happens with most of us since our phone’s battery dies out before the day ends. But there are many ways which can help you improve the battery life of your device. Read on to find 11 tips to boost battery life of your iPhone & Android phone.

Tips To Boost Battery Life Of Your iPhone & Android Phone

11 Tips To Boost Battery Life Of Your iPhone & Android Phone

Check out the following ways which will help you boost your phone’s battery life.

1. Turn-off The Apps Running In Background

Once we are done using apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. on our device, we come back to home screen believing that the app has been turned off. But this is not what actually happens. The apps keep running in the background consuming power and are required to be turned off. Make sure to turn off the apps running in the background when you are done browsing social media accounts and playing games etc.

2. Turn-off Automatic Notifications

It is a good practice to check the notifications manually rather than putting on the automatic notifications of various apps on your phone. If you need to check e-mails, comments or posts of your social media accounts, or notifications of other apps, you can directly go to the app to check your notifications. This will save your phone’s battery life to a great extent.  For the apps which you have automatic notifications already fired , you can go to settings of your device and stop notifications for each app.

3. Tweak Your Display Brightness Settings

Though it is said that setting up auto-brightness saves the battery life, yet we suggest you not to rely on that. Auto brightness will always brighten your screen more than what you actually need. Thus, it is suggested to keep making some changes manually in the display brightness according to the needs. Try to keep the display brightness as low as possible. Less brighter the screen, more power you will save!

4. Check Out Which App Is Consuming Maximum Battery

Go to your smartphones settings and find out which app is chewing up more battery. It is preferable to delete or uninstall those apps which are unimportant and consuming most of your phone’s battery unnecessarily . You must also delete old apps which according to you are of no longer use.

5. Update Your Apps Immediately

To avoid the apps from chewing up more battery, update them as soon as the new update arrives. Most of the updates are rolled out for battery and memory optimization, thus keeping all the apps updated will save you more battery on your device. Even if you have set your device for automatic updates, so you must keep a check manually since there are some apps which require the user to install the updates manually.

6. Turn-off Locations Settings

Many apps nowadays access your current location, however not all of them actually makes use of the location. So, it is preferable to turn the GPS or location settings off unless it is actually required like in Maps app. On iPhone, you can allow or deny location access for each individual app while it is not possible on Android devices.

7. Turn-off Screen Quickly

Do not leave you device unused with its screen on. Make it a practice to turn-off or lock the screen as soon as you are done using the device. This will help your battery life run longer. You can also set the device on automatic turn-off or lock which switches the screen off if it is found inactive for some time. Keep the screen timeout as short as possible.

8. Avoid Live Wallpapers

Live wallpapers consume a lot of battery juice and makes the phones battery die soon, so avoid using live or animated wallpapers on your home screen. Rather you can put static wallpapers on your device to avoid your device from consuming more power.

9. Use dark Themes & Backgrounds

Dark wallpapers or backgrounds require very little battery to light up their pixels. This will prolong your battery life if your device features AMOLED display.

10. Turn-off Vibration

Every time our phone vibrates, it consumes a lot of battery with each vibration. Avoid putting your smartphone on vibration mode and put the device on just ringing mode instead. You can change the vibration settings manually.

11. Turn-off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

We often forget to turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on our devices even when we have stopped using them and they are no longer required. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are known to suck a lot of battery. If we leave our Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on, they keep looking for networks and devices to join. Thus, always make sure to turn off both when they are not in use.

We hope that this post will help you boost your phone’s battery. If you practiced these tips, share your views with us. Let us know your views in the comments section below.

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