Why iPhone 7 Camera Is The Best Smartphone Camera Till Date

Camera is one of the most crucial factors which customers consider while buying a smartphone. Catering to the camera needs of buyers, smartphone makers are coming up with most advanced camera features for the users so that they capture stunning images.

Speaking of smartphone cameras, Apple iPhone’s camera is considered to be one of the most refined cameras in the market. Now with Apple working on its next smartphone, what changes will it bring in its camera department to keep ahead of the competition. Read on to find out why iPhone 7 camera is the best smartphone camera till date.

iPhone 7 -3

Apple is expected to launch its next smartphone, the iPhone 7 in the coming months. Leaks surrounding the phone have already started making rounds over the internet. Latest leak hints that the iPhone 7 will will sport dual camera set up on the rear.

It is said to sport dual 12 mega pixel rear camera for enhanced quality images. While the mega pixel will remain the same, the dual cameras will help take more light. Generally, the larger the camera sensor, larger will be the pixels. The larger the pixels, the more light it can take. The more light it can take, the better your image will be.

NowhereElse.FR has also shared an image of the rear of purported iPhone 7. The leaked image shows larger hole for iPhone 7 camera, which is around 25% wider than what we get on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. The camera of iPhone 7 is highly anticipated to come with major upgrades over the predecessor.

Although most high end quality smartphones come with more mega pixel cameras compared to iPhone, yet they fail to deliver good quality images. The quality of images taken with their cameras seem inferior to iPhone’s camera quality. More mega pixel does not guarantee enhanced photographic performance. Size of camera opening, aperture, light sensor, the image processing hardware and the software also play a major role in bringing the best quality images. Apple understands that it is not just the mega pixel that matters. It has always brought great camera smartphones and it is expected to do the same with iPhone 7 camera.

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Source: 9To5Mac, NowhereElse

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