Price vs Build Quality War: How Honor 5C Promises To Deliver Superior Quality At Lowest Price

Indian smartphone market is flooded with sundry options in different price segments. You can get a decent budget smartphone for less than Rs. 10,000 and the price goes up to around Rs. 50,000 for a high end smartphone. Most of the people shell out huge amount of money to buy costly phones. But does an expensive smartphone guarantee superior quality and durability? No it does not. You can get an excellent quality smartphone buy spending only a little and Honor’s 5C smartphone is the perfect example for it. Scroll down to find out how Huawei’s Honor brand is offering best quality at lowest possible price with its Honor 5C smartphone.

Honor 5C -1

Honor has always been known for producing high quality products. Company’s latest smartphone, the Honor 5C follows the same convention and impresses us with its superior build quality. It features a light weight metal body which looks very premium. The brushed finish on the rear gives it an elegant look and makes it stand out in the competition. It features ridged edges that compliment the brushed metal finish and also offers better grip.

It flaunts its aircraft-grade aluminium-alloy body which has been molded using a high speed metal stamping process and finished with a brushed metal effect for a smooth, textured look. The aluminium-alloy body of the phone ensures great durability.

The Honor 5C has also went through a lot of quality tests such as drop test, impact test, port durability test, salt spray test, temperature/humidity test and thermal shock test. It features scratch resistant anodized coating for lasting protection against corrosion and wear and tear. It features a smooth ergonomic design with a 5.2-inch display. It is a light weight and compact phone that fits comfortably in one hand.

Apart from offering great build quality, the Honor 5C promises faster processing, enhanced performance and optimized battery performance. The Honor 5C is powered by a Kirin 650 chipset with flagship FinFET Plus 16 nm chip technology that offers lightning-fast performance. The camera of Honor 5C is also known for its great camera capabilities. It does an outstanding job in producing good quality images.  Check out Honor 5C camera review here.

Besides, it features flagship-grade dual antennas system that automatically switches to the antenna with the best signal to prevent dropped calls. The phone comes with a fingerprint sensor on the rear with Replay Protected Memory Block (RPMB) technology that encrypts and stores fingerprint data in a separate secure storage area and ensures that fingerprint data cannot be accessed even if the phone is rooted.

Honor 5C proves that a smartphone does not need a hefty price tag to offer excellent build quality. With a price tag of Rs. 10,999, the Honor 5C proves itself to be better than a lot of other smartphones.

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