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What Makes Honor Smartphones Durable And Strong

There are plenty of smartphones in the Indian market with hefty price tags, offering high end specifications. But ‘expensive phone with high end specs’- is that all that matters in a smartphone? Imagine, that you bought a high-end exorbitant smartphone. That shiny smartphone which you are too excited to use and it suddenly drops from your hand, breaking into pieces. What is the use of spending too much on a device which cannot even sustain an accidental drop?

Dropping smartphone from our hands is a very common scenario which almost every one of us faces every day. Almost every smartphone buyer these days looks for a rugged smartphone which can keep up with his life. But are the smartphone manufacturers making enough efforts to deliver durable and strong devices to buyers? Unlike other smartphone makers, Huawei’s Honor brand is making every effort to offer sturdy products. Read on to find out what makes Honor smartphones durable and strong.

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Honor 5C: EMUI 4.1 Review

Honor’s latest smartphone 5C doesn’t want to be just another phone in sub-Rs.  12,000 price range. Packed with advanced technology, the Honor 5C has a lot to offer to its users. Honor 5C is a powerful device with great build quality, impressive camera combination and more. But what good does it offer in software department? Is the software smooth and user friendly? Let’s find out in this review. Read on to find out EMUI 4.1 review.

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Price vs Build Quality War: How Honor 5C Promises To Deliver Superior Quality At Lowest Price

Indian smartphone market is flooded with sundry options in different price segments. You can get a decent budget smartphone for less than Rs. 10,000 and the price goes up to around Rs. 50,000 for a high end smartphone. Most of the people shell out huge amount of money to buy costly phones. But does an expensive smartphone guarantee superior quality and durability? No it does not. You can get an excellent quality smartphone buy spending only a little and Honor’s 5C smartphone is the perfect example for it. Scroll down to find out how Huawei’s Honor brand is offering best quality at lowest possible price with its Honor 5C smartphone.

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Honor 5C vs Samsung Galaxy A5 Comparison

Honor’s latest smartphone, the Honor 5C has created a stir in the Indian smartphone market. At price tag of Rs. 10,999, it has plethora of features to offer. In this post, we have compared the Honor 5c with Samsung’s Galaxy A5 smartphone which carries a price tag of Rs. 16,490. Read on to find out how Honor 5C vs Samsung Galaxy A5 compare with each other in terms of design, specifications, features, price and overall value for money.

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Honor 5C Full Review

Huawei’s e-brand Honor launched its Honor 5C smartphone in India last month in June 2016. Since then, the device has been making a buzz in the Indian smartphone market with its impressive build quality, decent specifications and competitive price tag. It proves to be a great phone on spec-sheet but does it fare equally well in real life  performance? Let’s find out in this post. We spent a couple of days with the phone and here is our Honor 5C in-depth review.

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Honor 5C Goes On Open Sale In India From July 1

Huawei’s Honor brand has announced that its Honor 5C smartphone will be available for purchase in India without any registrations starting today. It will be available via open sale from Honor Store and Flipkart from July 1, 2016 (12 noon onwards).

To recall, the Honor 5C was launched on June 22, 2016 in India and went on flash sale on June 30. It made a successful sale of units in the first flash sale on Honor Store and Flipkart.

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