Now Facebook Messenger Lite Supports Animated GIFs, Customisation Features

Recently, Facebook rolled Messenger 4 with simplified navigation and a dark mode. Now, it has added more features to it’s Messenger Lite app. This includes support for Animated GIFs and customization features. The new features have been borrowed from the full-sized Messenger app. Read more to find about New Facebook Messenger Lite Features

Facebook Messenger Lite

Messenger Lite is a stripped down version of Facebook’s popular messaging app. It offers Messenger’s core features such as messaging, sending/receiving photos/links and receiving stickers. Now, users will be able to send and view animated GIFs. Previously, users could receive GIFs on Messenger Lite, however, they weren’t animated in-app.

“While you could receive GIFs in Messenger Lite for some time, they were not animated. Starting now, people can express themselves more in chats with family and friends by sending and playing animated GIFs,” said Krish Gali, Product Manager, Facebook in a blog post.

“To send a GIF, use a third party keyboard (such as the Google keyboard), search for GIFs in their library, and send a more expressive message,” she added. This will keep the Messenger Lite app itself as light as possible. All you need to do is tap the ‘+’ symbol, select the file and hit send.

Additionally, you can change how conversations with people/groups look. Various color choices, add nicknames, and emojis will allow you to make the chat more personal. Users will also be able to share files with others.

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The Facebook Messenger Lite app is primarily targeted at developing countries. It is essentially a data-saving alternative to Messenger. Despite the new addition, the app remains under 10MB. Earlier this year, the company added a video chat feature to the lightweight messaging app.

Recently, Facebook launched a new version of a standalone messaging app. The new Facebook Messenger 4 is an essentially a simplified version of its predecessors.The redesigned version features three tabs instead of nine. Along with simple messaging and sharing options, Facebook Messenger allows users to make video calls, send money, etc.

The much-anticipated Messenger 4 update focuses on simplifying the messaging experience by removing some of the clutter from the past. New features include a Dark mode. You can also personalize conversations with custom nicknames, emojis, and chat colors. Users can create a cool OLED dark mode with custom chat bubble colors. While this feature is limited to the specific chat you’re in, you can manually theme every chat with the dark mode.

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